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7 Titles Listed for the author selected: Keighley, D.G Processed on 6/20/2018
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7 Titles Listed for the author selected: Keighley, D.G
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237 Fossils explained 13: Trace fossils 1 Keighley, D.G.; Pickerill, R.K.
239 Fossils explained 14: Trace fossils 2 Pickerill, R.K.; Keighley, D.G.
254 Ichnology of the Pliocene Bowden Formation of southeastern Jamaica Pickerill, R.K.; Keighley, D.G.; Donovan, S.K.
179 Small Cruziana, Rusophycus, and related ichnotaxa from eastern Canada: The nomenclatural debate and systematic ichnology Keighley, D.G.; Pickerill, R.K.
993528 The evolution of the fluvial systems in the Port Hood Formation (Upper Carboniferous), western Cape Breton Island, eastern Canada Keighley, D.G.; Pickerill, R.K.
248 The ichnogenus Beaconites and its relationship to Ancorichnus and Taenidium Keighley, D.G.; Pickerill, R.K.
993108 The ichnotaxa Palaeophycus and Planolites: Historical perspectives and recommendations Keighley, D.G.; Pickerill, R.K.

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