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15 Titles Listed for the author selected: Lancashire, Robert J Processed on 5/25/2016
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15 Titles Listed for the author selected: Lancashire, Robert J
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3079 An extension to the JCAMP-DX standard file format, JCAMP-DX V5.01 (IUPAC Lampen, P.; Lambert, J.; Lancashire, Robert J.; McDonald, R. S.; McIntyre, P.; Rutledge, D.N.; Frohlich, T.; Davies, A.N.
8143 Colour prediction with JSpecView. Lancashire, Robert J.; Walters, Craig A. D.
3202 Computer simulations of collisions as lab exercise in introductory chemical thermodynamics Pinnock, Willard R.; Lancashire, Robert J.
7580 Embedding spectra and structures in your web pages Davies, Tony N.; Lancashire, Robert J.; Lampen, Peter
3003 Guidelines for the representation of pulse sequences for solution-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (IUPAC recommendations 2001) Davies, A.N.; Lambert, J.; Lampen, P.; Lancashire, Robert J.; Conover, W.; Frey, M.; Grzonka, M.; Williams, E.; Meinhart, D.
3080 Interactive visualization of infrared spectral data: Synergy of computation, visualization and experiment for learning spectroscopy Lahti, P. M.; Motyka, E. J.; Lancashire, Robert J.
4018 JCAMP-DX and open and expanding scientific data format Lancashire, Robert J.
3249 Lessons from the development of a research and teaching departmental web site [Abstracts only] Lancashire, Robert J.
3002 Reporting NMR pulse sequences Davies, A. N.; Lancashire, Robert J.
6151 Science, technology and curriculium : Integration for quality Lancashire, Robert J.
3985 Scientific data and technical applications via the WWW Lancashire, Robert J.
7565 Spectroscopic Data: The Quest for a Universal Format Lancashire, Robert J.; Davies, Tony
1611 The JSpecView Project: an Open Source Java viewer and converter for JCAMP-DX, and XML spectral data files Lancashire, Robert J.
8137 The Spectral Game: leveraging Open Data and crowd sourcing for education. Bradley, Jean-Claude; Lancashire, Robert J.; Lang, Andrew S..; Williams, Anthony J.
2962 The use of the Internet for teaching Chemistry Lancashire, Robert J.

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