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12 Titles Listed for the author selected: LeFranc, Elsie Processed on 11/27/2020
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12 Titles Listed for the author selected: LeFranc, Elsie
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1383 Characteristics of Jamaicans who smoke marijuana before sex and their risk status for sexually transmitted diseases Simeon, Donald T.; Bain, Brendan C. ; Wyatt, Gail E.; LeFranc, Elsie R-M; Ricketts, Heather; Chambers, Claudia ; Tucker, M. Belinda
2734 Correlates of first intercourse among women in Jamaica Wyatt, Gail E.; Durvasula, R. S.; Guthrie, D.; LeFranc, Elsie R-M. ; Forge, N.
1353 Employment inadequacy and poverty: The problem of measurement: Notes and comments LeFranc, Elsie R-M
1770 Experiences and socialization of Jamaican men with multiple sex partners Simeon, Donald T.; LeFranc, Elsie R-M.; Bain, Brendan C. ; Wyatt, Gail E.
7505 Linking researchers and policy-makers: some challenges and approaches Gordon-Strachan, Georgiana; Bailey, Wilma; Lalta, Stanley; Ward, Elizabeth; Henry-Lee, Aldrie; LeFranc, Elsie
1344 Meaning of sexual partnerships: Re-examining the Jamaican family system LeFranc, Elsie R-M.; Tucker, M. Belinda; Wyatt, Gail E.; Bain, Brendan C.; Simeon, Donald T.
3147 Parenting and socialisation in Caribbean family systems Bailey, Wilma R.; Branche, Clement; LeFranc, Elsie R-M.
3006 Parenting and violence Bailey, Wilma R.; LeFranc, Elsie R-M.; Branche, Clement
4916 Private poverty and gender in Guyana and Barbados Henry-Lee, Aldrie; LeFranc, Elsie R-M.
3044 Street culture and the decay of community Bailey, Wilma R.; Branche, Clement; LeFranc, Elsie R-M.
1492 The small farm sub-sector: Is there life after structural adjustment? Newman, Margaret; LeFranc, Elsie R-M.
1264 Working women's sexual risk taking in Jamaica LeFranc, Elsie R-M.; Wyatt, Gail E.; Chambers, Claudia; Eldemire, A.M. Denise; Bain, Brendan C.; Ricketts, Heather

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