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8 Titles Listed for the author selected: Mains, Susan Processed on 4/1/2015
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8 Titles Listed for the author selected: Mains, Susan
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3076 An anatomy of race and immigration politics in California Mains, Susan P.
6146 Imagining the border and Southern spaces: Cinematic explorations of race and gender Mains, Susan
7432 Jamaica: A dialogue with masculinity Clifford, Mark; Mains, Susan P.
3017 Maintaining national identity at the border: Scale, masculinity, and the policing of immigration in Southern California Mains, Susan P.
3077 Reimagining masculinity: Disclosure interviews bell hooks Mains, Susan P.; Curran, M.; Metzo, C.; Moore, S.
3078 Statutes of liberty: Migration and urbanism in the borderlands Mains, Susan P.
4085 Summary information on research addressing race and the US-Mexico border Mains, Susan P.
6145 Teaching transnationalism in the Caribbean: Toward an understanding of representation and Neo-Colonialism in human geography Mains, Susan

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