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7 Titles Listed for the author selected: McCaw-Binns A Processed on 10/20/2020
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7 Titles Listed for the author selected: McCaw-Binns A
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994619 “Excess Risk of Maternal Death from Sickle Cell Disease in Jamaica: 1998-2007” Asnani M; McCaw-Binns A; Reid M
994041 Feedback on “Guidelines for Improving Information on Maternal Mortality: Preliminary Proposal.” McCaw-Binns A.
994243 The Prevalence, Causative Organisms, Clinical Manifestations And risk Factors Associated With neonatal sepsis At The University Hosiptal of the West Indies: A 5-Year Review Hanno T; Thame M; James K; McCaw-Binns A
995044 Challenges of measuring maternal mortality in Jamaica. Academic Forum for Interpreting Reproductive Mortality (AFFIRM) McCaw-Binns A.
994480 Methodological issues in defining and classifying maternal deaths: the WHO application of ICD-10 to deaths during pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium (ICD-MM) McCaw-Binns A; Chou D. .
995249 National efforts in improving maternal death information Jamaica: Why vital data under count maternal deaths in developing countries case study, Jamaica: 2008 (with J Mullings, Y Holder). McCaw-Binns A.
995345 Why vital registration under-estimates maternal mortality in Jamaica McCaw-Binns A. .

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