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6 Titles Listed for the author selected: McLaren, Kurt Processed on 8/10/2020
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6 Titles Listed for the author selected: McLaren, Kurt
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993537 McLaren, Kurt (Dr)
995645 Assessing the Status of an Artisanal Shrimp Fishery in a Ramsar Wetland in Jamaica: The effects of Seasonality, Extreme La Niņa Episodes and Elevated Temperature on Landings. Limnologica Prospere, Kurt; McLaren, Kurt P.; Pienkowski, Thomas; Wilson, Byron S.
995525 Niche Modeling for Managementready Information in Little-studied, Threatened Frog Species Assemblages Holmes, Iris; McLaren, Kurt; P.; Wilson, Byron S
6979 Predicting species response to disturbance from size class distributions of adults and saplings in a Jamaican tropical dry forest McLaren, Kurt P; McDonald, M; Healy, J; Hall, J
7381 Seasonal patterns of flowering and fruiting in a dry tropical forest in Jamaica McLaren, Kurt P; McDonald, M
995504 Short-term Dynamics and the Effects of Biotic and Abiotic Factors on Plant Physiognomic Groups in a Hurricane-impacted Lower Montane Tropical Forest Luke, Denneko Y; McLaren, Kurt P; Wilson, Byron S

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