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55 Titles Listed for the author selected: Mitchell, Simon F
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163 The Jurassic-Cretaceous succession at Rifle Butts Quarry (SSSI) and its implications for sedimentation on the Market Weighton Structure Mitchell, Simon F.
7980 A new species of land crab, Sesarma Say, 1871 (Decapoda, Brachyura), from the Pleistocene of Jamaica. Mitchell, Simon F.; Collins, Joe S.H.; Donovan,Stephen K.
4134 A new species of omphalocyclus (foraminiferida) from the upper cretaceous of Jamaica and its stratigraphical significance Gunter, Gavin C.; Robinson, Edward; Mitchell, Simon F.
3109 A unique pebble from the Pliocene Bowen Formation of southern Jamaica Mitchell, Simon F.; Pickerill, Ron K.; Donovan, S. K.
3223 Albian and cenomanian selachian faunas from north-east England Underwood, Charlie J; Mitchell, Simon F
4136 Biostratigraphy and taxonomy of the rudist chiapasella in the titanosarcolites limestones (maastrichtian) of Jamaica. Mitchell, Simon F.; Gunter, Gavin C.
3975 Carbonate beach sediment composition at a tourist beach, Negril, Jamaica Mitchell, Simon F.; Khan, Shakira A.; Maharaj, Ravidya; Robinson, Edward
3997 Catastrophic extinction of Caribbean rudist bivalves at the cretaceous-tertiary boundary Steuber, Thomas; Mitchell, Simon F.; Buhl, Dieter; Gunter, Gavin C.; Kasper, Haino U.
3276 Cretaceous to eocene evolution of central Jamaica [Abstract only] Mitchell, Simon F.
3103 Discussion of 'Isotopic variations in fossils and matrix of the Cretaceous Red Chalk at Speeton and South Ferriby, Yorkshire, England.' Proceedings, Vol. 52, pp. 107-112, 1998. Mitchell, Simon F.; Underwood, Charlie J.; Price, G. D.
4179 Dolomite textures in eocene limestones of central Jamaica [Abstract] James, Ennika B.; Mitchell, Simon F.
6421 Eight belemnite biohorizons in the Cenomanian of northwest Europe and their importance Mitchell, Simon F
3215 Field guide to the geological evolution of the Maastrichtian rocks of the Central Inlier, Jamaica Mitchell, Simon F.
259 Field guide to the geology of central Jamaica Mitchell, Simon F.; Miller, David, J.; Robinson, Edward; Porter, Anthony
3992 First Record of the Rudist Bivalve Mitrocaprina tschoppi (Palmer) from the Maastrichtian of Jamaica Mitchell, Simon F.; Gunter, Gavin C.
162 Foraminiferal assemblages from the late Lower and Middle Cenomanian of Speeton (North Yorkshire, U.K.): Relationships with sea-level fluctuations and watermass distribution Mitchell, Simon F.
3225 Hautervivian sharks from the Speeton Clay Underwood, Charlie J; Mitchell, Simon F; Veltcamp, C. J.
2974 Ichnology and biotic interactions on a Pliestocene gastropod from south-east Jamaica Pickerill, Ron K.; Donovan, S. K.; Mitchell, Simon F.
4089 Incised fan delta deposits, west side of the Port Morant Harbour [Abstract] James, Sherene A.; Mitchell, Simon F.
3322 Late cenozoic trace fossils from southeast coastal Jamaica Pickerill, Ron K.; Donovan, S. K.; Mitchell, Simon F.; Keighley, David G.
4137 Late maastrichtian rudist and coral assemblages from the central inlier, Jamaica: Towards an event stratigraphy for shallow-water Caribbean limestones Mitchell, Simon F.; Stemann, Thomas A.; Blissett, Donovan; Brown, Ian C.; Ebanks, Winston O'Brian; Gunter, Gavin C.; Miller, David J.; Pearson, Andrew G.; Wilson, Byron S.; Young, Winston A.
3102 Lithological and faunal stratigraphy of the Aptian and Albian (Lower Cretaceous) of the type Speeton Clay, Speeton, north-east England Mitchell, Simon F.; Underwood, Charlie J.
3046 Lithostratigraphy of the Late Cretaceous to? Paleocene succession in the western part of the Central Inlier of Jamaica Mitchell, Simon F.; Blissett, Donovan
3224 Microborings in mid-cretaceous fish teeth Underwood, Charlie J.; Mitchell, Simon F; Veltcamp, C. J.
3088 Mid-Cretaceous onlap history of the Market Weighton structural high, northeast England Underwood, Charlie J.; Mitchell, Simon F.
4140 Morphology, microstructure and stratigraphy of some late cretaceous radiolitid rudists from Jamaica Mitchell, Simon F.
4181 New fossil sea cow exhibit at the geology museum, University of the West Indies [Abstract] Brown, Ian C.; Mitchell, Simon F.; Domning, Daryl P.; Portell, Roger; Donovan, S. K.
184 Palaeobiology of isocrinid crinoids from the Red Chalk of north-east England Mitchell, Simon F.; Langner, D.M.
4138 Palaeoecology of corals and rudists in mixed volcaniclastic-carbonate small-scale rhythms (Upper Cretaceous, Jamaica) Mitchell, Simon F.
4139 Palaeokarstic surfaces in the upper cretaceous limestones of central Jamaica Miller, David J.; Mitchell, Simon F.
4039 Palaeotemperature estimates for the Upper Cretaceous (Late Maastrichtian) of Jamaica [Abstract] Gunter, Gavin C.; Marshall, James D.; Mitchell, Simon F.
4244 Possible source of a major sediment producer on tropical carbonate beaches - Amorphous grains Khan, Shakira A.; Mitchell, Simon F.
40 Report of a field meeting to east Port Morant Harbour, parish of St. Thomas, SE Jamaica, April 5, 1997 Donovan, S. K..; Pickerill, R. K.,; Mitchell, Simon F.
3100 Report of a field trip to the Guinea Corn Formation, northern Clarendon, Jamaica, October 25th, 1997 Mitchell, Simon F.
3063 Rudist bivalves: A bizarre group of fossils from the cretaceous of Jamaica Mitchell, Simon F.
3119 Sedimentology and palaeoenvironment of the Pliocene Bowden Formation, southeast Jamaica Pickerill, Ron K.; Mitchell, Simon F; Donovan, S. K.; Keighley, David G.
4212 Sedimentology and stratigraphy Mitchell, Simon F.
3101 Septarian nodules from Jamaica. Comment Mitchell, Simon F.; Crowley, S.
3130 Serratolamna serrata (agassiz) (pisces, neoselachii) from the maastrichtian (late cretaceous) of Jamaica Underwood, Charlie J; Mitchell, Simon F
3099 Stratigraphy of the Guinea Corn Formation (Upper Cretaceous) at its type locality between Guinea Corn and Grantham, northern Clarendon, Jamaica Mitchell, Simon F.
2945 The age of the Port Morant formation, south-eastern Jamaica Mitchell, Simon F.; Pickerill, Ron K.; Blackwell, Bonnie A.; Skinner, Anne R.
3222 The cenomanian-turonian boundary at Eastbourne (Sussex, UK): A proposed European reference section Paul, C. R.; Lamolda, M. A.; Mitchell, Simon F.; Vaziri, M. R.; Gorostidi, A.; Marshall, J.D.
3124 The Cretaceous-Paleocene Summerfield Formation, Jamaica: One or two ignimbrites? Mitchell, Simon F.; Blissett, Donovan
3321 The fauna of Jamaican cretaceous coral reefs Mitchell, Simon F.
3131 The graphoglyptid trace fossil Spirorhaphe involuta (de stefani, 1895) from eastern Jamaica Pickerill, Ron K.; Mitchell, Simon F.
3129 The irish elkhorn coral; giant acropora and rates of disturbance on late pleistocene reefs in Jamaica [Abstract only] Stemann, Thomas A; Mitchell, Simon F.
6196 The oldest barnacle from the Caribbean is a rudist bivalve Mitchell, Simon F
3061 The port morant formation (upper pleistocene, jamaica); high resolution sedimentology and paleoenvironmental analysis of a mixed carbonate clastic lagoonal succession Mitchell, Simon F.; Pickerill, Ron K.; Stemann, Thomas A.
6190 The Pre-Columbian site of Chancery Hall, St. Andrew Gouldwell, Anthony; Allsworth-Jones, Philip; Lechler, George; Mitchell, Simon F. ; Walters, Selvenious; Webster, Jane; Young, Robert
6189 The Taino Settlement of the Kingston Area Allsworth-Jones, Philip; Lalor, Gerald C.; Lechler, George; Mitchell, Simon F.; Rodrigues, Esther Z. ; Vutchkov, Mitko K.
3430 The taino settlement of the Kingston area Allsworth-Jones, Philip; Lalor, Gerald C.; Lechler, G.; Mitchell, Simon F.; Rodriques, E.; Vutchkov, Mitko K.
3091 The Welton Formation (Chalk group, Upper Cretaceous) at Speeton, northeast England: Implications for the late cretaceous evolution of the market weighton structure Sumbler, M. G.; Mitchell, Simon F.
6197 Timing and implications of late cretaceous tetonic and sedimentary events in Jamaica Mitchell, Simon F
3235 Transgressive middle eocene carbonates, central Jamaica [Abstract only] Maharaj, Ravidya; Mitchell, Simon F
3234 Unconformities in central Jamaica: Unlocking Jamaica's geological past [Abstract only] Mitchell, Simon F.

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