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27 Titles Listed for the author selected: Mulder, Willem H Processed on 11/30/2020
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27 Titles Listed for the author selected: Mulder, Willem H
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3069 A kinetic model for the reductive desorption of self-assembled Thiol monolayers Mulder, Willem H.; Calvente, Juan J.; Andreu, Rafael
996098 Analytical Expressions for Proton Transfer Voltammetry: Analogy to Surface Redox Voltammetry with Frumkin Interactions Calvente, J.; Luque, A.; Andreu, R.; Mulder, Willem H..; Olloqui-Sariego, J.
4129 Calculation of ionic surface excess concentrations in the diffuse double layer at low field strengths for a restricted primitive model electrolyte Mulder, Willem H.; Andreu, Rafael; Molero, Miguel; Fawcett, W. Ronald
4128 Cation disorder in dolomite, CaMg(CO3)2, and its influence on the aragonite + magnesite « dolomite reaction boundary Antao, Sytle M.; Mulder, Willem H.; Hassan, Ishmael; Crichton, Wilson A.; Parise, John B.
2947 Comment on ''A potential dependent polarizability?'' Donald, Kelling J.; Mulder, Willem H. ; Szentpály, L.V.
4120 Effect of medium relaxation on the acidity constants of electronically excited states obtained by the Förster cycle method Mulder, Willem H.
3989 Electrical control of the wetting properties of metal surfaces coated with oxidisable organic films Mulder, Willem H.
995669 Equilibrium Size Distributions of Circular Domains in Amphiphilic Monolayers at the Air/Water Interface Mulder, Willem H
4131 Experimental study of the interplay between long-range electron transfer and redox probe permeation at self-assembled monolayers: Evidence for potential-induced ion gating Calvente, Juan José; López-Pérez, German; Ramírez, Pablo; Fernández, Héctor; Zón, María Alicia; Mulder, Willem H.; Andreu, Rafael
8152 In situ study of the R3c ›R3m orientational disorder in calcite. Antao, Sytle M.; Hassan, Ishmael; Mulder, Willem H.; Lee, Peter L.; Toby, Brian H.
995705 Ion specific effects in surface charging and electrokinetics of silica nanoparticles Rambaran, Mark A; Mulder, Willem H
4112 Mikanolide from Jamaican mikania micranta Bakir, Mohammed A.; Facey, Petrea C.; Hassan, Ishmael; Mulder, Willem H.; Porter, Roy B.
2946 Optosensing properties of fac-Re(CO)3(dpknph)Cl (dpknph = di-2-pyridyl ketone p-nitrophenyl hydrazone) Bakir, Mohammed, A.; Abdur-Rashid, Kamaluddin; Mulder, Willem H.
3277 Phase transition and ordering phenomena in amphiphilic monolayers at the air/water interface [Abstract only] Mulder, Willem H.
8139 Potential of zero charge as a sensitive probe for the titration of ionizable self-assembled monolayers. Ramírez, Pablo; Granero, Adrian; Andreu, Rafael; Cuesta, Angel; Mulder, Willem H.; Calvente, Juan J.
995554 Solvatochromism and Thermodynamics of Molecules in Electronically Excited States Mulder, Willem H
4194 Success and failure of polarized-ion models: Bending and atomization energy of groups 2 and 12 dihalides Donald, Kelling J.; Mulder, Willem H.; von Szentpály, László V.
8095 Synthesis, spectroscopy, thermodynamics and structure of [ZnCl2 (h3-dpktch)] (h3-dpktch = N, N, O- di-2-pyridyl ketone thiophene-2-carboxylic acid hydrazone). Bakir, Mohammed A.; Conry, R. R.; Green, O.; Mulder, Willem H.
4114 The electrocapillary effect at an electrode modified with an insoluble redox-active self-assembled monolayer Mulder, Willem H.; Calvente, Juan José; Andreu, Rafael
993386 The impact of Hurricane Sandy on selected south coast beaches, Jamaica, West Indies Miller, David J.; Pearson, Andrew G.; Mulder, Willem H.; Rodriguez, T.
7805 The R3c › R3m transition in nitratine, NaNO3, and implications for calcite, CaCO3 Antao, Sytle M.; Hassan, Ishmael; Mulder, Willem H.; Lee, Peter L.
4119 The use of size distributions of circular domains in langmuir monolayers for determining physical parameters of surfacetants Mulder, Willem H.
3068 Theoretical estimates of association constants for contact triple-ion formation Mulder, Willem H.; Dasgupta, Tara P.; Stedman Geoffrey
3142 Theory of the salt effect on solvatochromic shifts and its potential application to the determination of ground-state and excited-state dipole moments Mulder, Willem H.; Párkányi, Cyril
3067 Two mercury drops on a conducting surface in a mercurous ion solution as model for electrochemical Ostwald ripening Mulder, Willem H.; Sluyters, J.H.
3326 Understanding self-assembly and complex phase behaviour of surfactant system Mulder, Willem H.
4125 Valence-state atoms in molecules.7.influence of polarization and bond-charge on spectroscopic constants of diatomic molecules Donald, Kelling J.; Mulder, Willem H.; von Szentpály, László V.

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