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46 Titles Listed for the author selected: Munroe, Trevor Processed on 6/23/2018
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46 Titles Listed for the author selected: Munroe, Trevor
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5700 [ Speech at: JTA Roll of Honour Awards Presentation Ceremony], November 26, 2002 Munroe, Trevor
5702 [ Speech at: New Testament Church of God of Portmore 12th Annual Missions Banquet], March 30, 2002 Munroe, Trevor
5703 [ Speech at: Presentation of the key of the City of Kingston to Alpha] , April 5, 2005 Munroe, Trevor
5595 [ Speech at: Rotary Club of New Kingston], June 7, 2002 Munroe, Trevor
5770 [ Speech to: University of Technology Panel: The role of the humanities in educating the workforce], April 18 2005 Munroe, Trevor
5741 [Speech at: National Book Awards Dinner], May 1 2004 Munroe, Trevor
5686 [Speech at: Caribbean Regional Drug Law Enforcement Training Centre Graduation Ceremony and Luncheon], June 14, 2002 Munroe, Trevor
5739 [Speech at: Lay Magistrates Association of Jamaica St Mary's Chapter Annual Fund Raising Awards Dinner], May 3, 2003 Munroe, Trevor
5572 [Speech at: Optimist Club of Trafalgar: Installation and Awards Ceremony], November 15, 2003 Munroe, Trevor
5730 [Speech at: Craven A National Premier League Awards Ceremony], May 7, 2002 Munroe, Trevor
5684 [Speech at: Jamaica Constabulary Staff College Junior Command Course Graduation], March 27, 2003 Munroe, Trevor
5683 [Speech at: Medical Association of Jamaica Symposium], June 2,2004 Munroe, Trevor
5740 [Speech at: North West St. Catherine Annual Teachers' Dinner], May 8, 2004 Munroe, Trevor
5704 [Speech at: Rose Leon Memorial Lecture Panel], March 7, 2005 Munroe, Trevor
5742 [Speech at: Teachers' Day Luncheon- Kingston Bookshop Ltd.], May 7, 2003 Munroe, Trevor
5771 [Speech at: The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology ( West Indies Section) Awards Dinner], April 16,2005 Munroe, Trevor
5690 [Speech at: The Lay Magistrates Association of Jamaica (Kingston Chapter)] , September 27 2003 Munroe, Trevor
5688 [Speech at: University of Technology - School of Business Administration HRM Conference] , April 1, 2005 Munroe, Trevor
6125 Advancing Labour Market Productive Team Munroe, Trevor
1246 Caribbean democracy: Decay or renewal? Munroe, Trevor
2593 Caribbean thought and the political process Munroe, Trevor
2586 Cooperation and conflict in the US-Caribbean drug connection Munroe, Trevor
1497 Corporate ethics and the Jamaican business culture Munroe, Trevor
5692 Corruption: Is there a need to redefine public policy? September 28 2005 Munroe, Trevor
27 Democracy and democratization : Global and Caribbean perspectives on reform and research Munroe, Trevor
1251 Drugs and democracy in the Caribbean Griffith, Ivelaw L.; Munroe, Trevor
6123 Globalization and governance in Jamaica Munroe, Trevor
5837 Governance under threat - The impact of corruption Munroe, Trevor
5669 Governance under threat: The Impact of corruption and the fight against corruption Munroe, Trevor
1341 Liberalization and the crisis of leadership in Jamaica Munroe, Trevor
6051 National Integrity Systems Munroe, Trevor
6166 National Integrity Systems Munroe, Trevor
5618 On strengthening national foundations for regional governance Munroe, Trevor
5582 Our judges have judicial valour Munroe, Trevor
1342 Partnership in labour relations Munroe, Trevor
6164 Speakers notes [Access to information] Munroe, Trevor
5706 The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (West Indies Section) Awards Dinner in honour of Dr. Leighton Patrick Knight, April 16, 2005 Munroe, Trevor
5592 The Caribbean Single Market and Economy: Munroe, Trevor
1498 The challenge of quality management Munroe, Trevor
993579 The industrial relations culture: Perspectives and change Munroe, Trevor
640 The internal audit process and good governance: Toward a research model Chevers, J.E.; Chevers, Delroy A.; Munroe, Trevor S.
5722 The menace of drugs Munroe, Trevor
29 The midst not the end of history : The end of history and the last man by Francis Fukuyama Munroe, Trevor
5708 The role of the humanities Munroe, Trevor
2660 Transforming Jamaican democracy through transparency: A framework for action Munroe, Trevor
5570 Voice, participation and governance in a changing environment: The case of Jamaica Munroe, Trevor

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