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23 Titles Listed for the author selected: Ng, J
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6390 Acute lead poisoning associated with backyard lead smelting in Jamaica Lalor, G. C. ; Vutchkov, M. K. ; Bryan, S. T. ; Christie, C. D. ; Donaldson, D. ; Young, J. ; Chambers, S.
4508 An Unusual Presentation of Group B Streptococcal Sepsis Thame, Minerva M.; Franklin, L.; Young, J.; Hall, C.; Saunders, Geoffrey; Williams, Nadia P.
994465 Characterization of the Asymptotic Behaviour of Scalar Linear Differential Equations with Respect to a Fading Stochastic Perturbation Appleby, J. A. D. ; Cheng, J; Rodkina, A
994062 Combination of wide field fluorescence imaging and nonlinear optical microscopy of oral epithelial neoplasia Pal, R..; Edward, K.; Brown, T.; Ma, L.; Yang, J.; McCammon, S.
938 Deaths associated with intrapartum asphyxia in Jamaica. Escoffery, Carlos T.; Greenwood, Rosemary; Ashley, Deanna E. ; Coard, Kathleen C. ; Keeling, Jean W.; Golding, Jean
994498 Experimentally validated numerical modelling of Eu doped SrCeO3membrane for hydrogen separation Shrivastava, U.; Duncan, K. L.; Chung, J. N.
7952 Gathering speed and taking flight. Atkinson, Uki A.; Grundy, Q.; Harrowing, J. N.; Hepburn-Brown, Cerese C.; Mill, J. E.; Minnie, K.; Owino, J.; Rae, Tania D.; Ritcher, M.S.
1516 Glabrescol: A unique squalene-derived penta-THF diol from Spathelia glabrescens (Rutaceae) Harding, Wayne W.,; Lewis, P.A.; Jacobs, Helen M.; McLean, Stewart; Reynolds, W.; Tay, L.; Yang, Ji-Ping
7371 High-temperature elasticity of magnesioferrite spinel Antao, S.M; Jackson, I; Li, B.S; Kung, J; Chen, J.H; Hassan, I; Liebermann, R.C; Parise, J.B
6241 Human leukocyte antigen concordance and the transmission risk via breast-feeding of human T cell lymphotropic virus type I Biggar, R. J. ; Ng, J. ; Kim, N. ; Hisada, M. ; Li, H. C. ; Cranston, B. ; Hanchard, Barrie ; Maloney, E. M.
4374 Knowledge, Perception and Practice of Healthcare Professionals Toward Pain in Neonates at Tertiary Level Hospitals in Kingston, Jamaica [Abstract] Young, J.; Barton-Forbes, Michelle; Richards-Dawson, M. A.; Trotman, Helen L.
115 Past obstetric history and the risk of perinatal death in Jamaica. Greenwood, Rosemary; Samms Vaughan, Maureen E.; Golding, Jean; Ashley, Deanna E.
1699 Perinatal deaths as a result of immaturity in Jamaica. McCaw Binns, Affette M.,; Greenwood, Rosemary; Coard, Kathleen C. ; Ashley, Deanna E. ; Golding, Jean
1424 Perinatal mortality survey in Jamaica: Aims and methodology Ashley, Deanna E.; McCaw Binns, Affette M.; Golding, Jean; Keeling, Jean W.; Escoffery, Carlos T.; Coard, Kathleen C. ; Foster-Williams, Karen
2848 Standardized comparison of glucose intolerance in west African-origin populations of rural and urban Cameroon, Jamaica, and Caribbean migrants to Britain Mbanya, J. C.; Cruickshank, J. Kennedy; Forrester, Terrence E.; Balkau, B.; Ngogang, J. Y.; Riste, Lisa K.; Forhan, A. ; Anderson, N. M.; Bennett, Franklyn I.; Wilks, Rainford J.
4338 Strategies to Prevent Eclampsia in a Developing Country: I. Re-Organisation of Maternity Services McCaw-Binns, Affette M.; Ashley, Deanna E.; Knight, L.; MacGillivray, I.; Golding, J.
4404 Strategies to Prevent Eclampsia in a Developing Country: II. Use of a Maternal Pictorial Card MacGillivray, I; McCaw-Binns, Affette M.; Ashley, Deanna E.; Fedrick, A.; Golding, J.
116 The contribution of twins to perinatal mortality in Jamaica. Ashley, Deanna E. ; Samms Vaughan, Maureen E.; Greenwood, Rosemary; Golding, Jean
532 The epidemiology of antepartum fetal death in Jamaica Greenwood, Rosemary; Foster-Williams, Karen; Ashley, Deanna E.; Keeling, Jean W.; Golding, Jean
6945 The impact of antenatal care on pregnancy performance between adolescent girls and older women Young, J.; Trotman, Helen; Thame, Minerva
4122 Thiophene isosteres of 9,10-dithioanthraquinone Jackson, Yvette A.; Rajagopal, D.; Bendolph, J.; Guillory, M.; Lakshmikantham, M.V.; Yang, J.; Cava, M.P.
1522 Total assignment of the 1H and 13C chemical shifts for a mixture of cis- and trans-p-Hyroxycinnamoyl Ester of taraxerol with the aid of high-resolution, 13C-detected, 13C-1H shift correlation spectra McLean, Stewart; Reynolds, W.; Yang, Ji-Ping; Jacobs, Helen M.; Jean-Pierre, L.L.
993565 Xerophenones A and B: New isoprenylated derivatives of 11-oxatricyclo[ 4,10]undecane-7,9-dione from Clusia portlandiana (Guttiferae) Henry, G.,; Jacobs, Helen M.; McLean, Stewart; Reynolds, W.; Yang, Ji-Ping

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