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15 Titles Listed for the author selected: Ngalamou, Lucien Processed on 11/25/2020
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15 Titles Listed for the author selected: Ngalamou, Lucien
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8111 A Software Approach for Automatic Selection of Programmable Logic Controllers. Ngalamou, Lucien; Myers, Leary O.
4222 Diabetic Information Appliance Ngalamou, Lucien; Campbell, Harold
8119 Digital SPWM Synthesis for the Design of Single-Phase Inverters. Ngalamou, Lucien; Myers, Leary O.
3122 Fertility Information Appliance Ngalamou, Lucien; Rose, David
3123 Fuzzy Implementation of Discrete Event Controllers using Petri Nets-to-Fuzzy Sets Conversion Approach Ngalamou, Lucien; Donaldson, Christopher
3327 Information Appliance for Diabetic Patients Ngalamou, Lucien; Campbell, Arnold; Coore, Daniel N.
2939 Information appliance for diabetic patients Ngalamou, Lucien
3267 Model capture of a poultry environmental controller using colored petri nets [Abstract only] Dyer, Patrick; Ngalamou, Lucien
2948 Modelling of an environmental control system for poultry farm Dyer, Patrick; Ngalamou, Lucien
8120 Modelling PLC Charcateristics for Resource Allocation. Ngalamou, Lucien; Myers, Leary O.
8049 Petri Nets and Fuzzy Sets in Hybrid Controllers Synthesis: The Discrete-Event Aspect. Ngalamou, Lucien; Myers, Leary O.; Donaldson, Christopher
3219 Petri nets-to-VHDL code generation: An approach Ngalamou, Lucien; Dixon, Andrew; Coore, Daniel N.
4221 System-on-a-chip for information technology and automation Ngalamou, Lucien; Myers, Leary
3305 Temperature and heat remote control in poultry by wireless automation [Abstract only] Ngalamou, Lucien
3118 Wavelet cores synthesis for image data compression and decompression Ngalamou, Lucien; Paharsingh, Ricardo

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