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11 Titles Listed for the author selected: Northover, Patricia Processed on 10/27/2020
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11 Titles Listed for the author selected: Northover, Patricia
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995253 “From Fanon to Wynter in the Journey Towards the Human-The Liminal, The Hauntological and the Elusive Dream of Man:(Un)thinking the political in the socio-genetics of place” Northover, Patricia; Crichlow M
994043 “Vision 50/50: Tackling Constraints and Promoting Pathways to Rural Resilience” Northover, Patricia Rhiney, K
995319 Abject Blackness, Hauntologies of Development and the Demand for Authenticity- A Critique of Sen’s Development as Freedom, Northover, Patricia
6055 Beyond Survival: Rethinking Strategies for Sustainable Development in the Caribbean Northover, Patricia; Crichlow, Michaeline A
4926 Making modern s/subjects-sketch of a method of Theorising 'C/creolization ' in Atlantic history in Under- labouring for a progressive politics of 'fleeing the plantation'. [Abstract] Crichlow, Michaeline; Northover, Patricia
994786 Negotiating Caribbean Freedom: Situating ‘Development’s Agrarian Culture’ in the will to improve’ and the demand for authenticity Northover, Patricia
4924 Rethinking the problem of 'economic growth' in the Caribbean: the methodological problems in standard modernization commitments for the region Northover, Patricia
5028 Size, survival and beyond: A creole strategy for CARICOM regional integration Northover, Patricia
5051 Strategy and Scope: What Remains of the Role of the State in Agriculture in the Context of the New Liberal Trade Order Northover, Patricia
993725 The Companion to Development Studies, 2nd edition Northover, Patricia
5039 The future of special and differential treatment in the FTAA Lewis, Patsy; Northover, Patricia; Eugene, Lucy ; Marshall, Don D.

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