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38 Titles Listed for the author selected: Paul, Annie Processed on 9/26/2020
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38 Titles Listed for the author selected: Paul, Annie
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994872 “Once There were Humans,” Paul, Annie
995146 “The Arts: Catalyst for Caribbean Development.” “Art-iculating the Caribbean Today” Paul, Annie
6772 'No Grave Cannot Hold My Body Down': Rituals of Death and Burial in Postcolonial Jamaica Paul, Annie
994246 “Archives of Human Wisdom: Citing/Siting Oral Knowledge in the Era of the Digital.” Paul, Annie
993904 “Developing the Caribbean Scholarly Text: Journal Publishing at the University of the West Indies.” Paul, Annie
6461 Body wisdom : The way to Karate Paul, Annie
4943 Caribbean locales/global artworlds Paul, Annie; Thompson, Krista A.
4989 Changing the Subject: The Repeating AlterNATIVE and the Expat Gaze Paul, Annie
4993 Christopher Cozier Paul, Annie
6659 Cock soup Paul, Annie
4999 Culture is always a translation Paul, Annie
4981 Dancehall in Jamaica: On Babylon, Violence, ‘Poor’ Taste and the Disappearance of Jonkonnu Paul, Annie
4992 Earth Angels Paul, Annie
4987 Emancipating 'Post-Slave Societies of the New World ' Paul, Annie
4983 Father Abrahams Paul, Annie
5001 Fierce obsession Paul, Annie
4994 Framing the Postcolonial: Annie Paul on Christopher Cozier Paul, Annie
993885 From Lye to Cake Soap: Addressing Skin Bleaching in the Dancehall Community and Beyond Paul, Annie
995270 From Lye to Cake Soap: Addressing Skin Bleaching in the Dancehall Community and Beyond Paul, Annie
5002 Isle full of stories Paul, Annie
1379 Legislating taste: The curator's palette Paul, Annie
993977 Log on: Toward Social and Digital Islands Paul, Annie
994643 Not Slavish Reproductions: An essay on artist Andrea Chung’s work Paul, Annie
994496 Notions of Contemporary Art: Locating Jamaica Paul, Annie
4988 Obscenity in transit: rude lyrics versus nude tourists Paul, Annie
1378 Pirates or parrots? A critical perspectives on the visual arts in Jamaica Paul, Annie
995064 Publishing in Caribbean Studies Journals II Paul, Annie
4998 Rastaman vibration Paul, Annie
5000 Running A University Is Like Running A Dance Company Paul, Annie
4990 Sound Systems against the 'Unsound System' of Babylon: Rude/Lewd Lyrics vs. Nude Tourists in Jamaica Paul, Annie
994213 Sustaining Caribbean Journals and Scholarship: Some Pressing Concerns for Editors and Contributors Paul, Annie
5004 Tales of the city Paul, Annie
4982 The Enigma of Survival: travelling beyond the expat gaze Paul, Annie
4932 The Ironies of History: An Interview with Stuart Hall Paul, Annie
4991 The Return of the Native: In Different Times Paul, Annie
2297 Uninstalling the nation: The dilemma of contemporary Jamaican art Paul, Annie
6661 Visualizing art in the Caribbean Paul, Annie
1377 Voices or echoes? A look at the 1993 Annual Exhibition and the state of the art in Jamaica Paul, Annie

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