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3 Titles Listed for the author selected: Pinder, M
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6442 Classical sickle beta-globin haplotypes exhibit a high degree of long-range haplotype similarity in African and Afro-Caribbean populations Hanchard, N. ; Elzein, A. ; Trafford, C. ; Rockett, K. ; Pinder, M. ; Jallow, M. ; Harding, R. ; Kwiatkowski, D. ; McKenzie, C.
4857 Population-specific patterns of linkage disequilibrium in the human 5q31 region. Luoni ,G.; Forton, J.; Jallow, M.; Sadighi, Akha E.; Sisay-Joof, F.; Pinder, M.; Hanchard, Neil A.; Herbert, M.; Kimber, M.; Mott, R.; Hull, J.; Rockett, K.; Kwiatkowski, D. P.
4856 Screening for recently selected alleles by analysis of human haplotype similarity Hanchard, Neil A.; Rockett, K.; Spencer, C.; Coop, G.; Pinder, M.; Jallow, M.; Kimber, M.; McVean, G.; Mott, R.; Kwiatkowski, D.P.

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