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10 Titles Listed for the author selected: Pinnock, Willard Processed on 5/27/2018
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10 Titles Listed for the author selected: Pinnock, Willard
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6309 Air pollution studies of the Kingston atmosphere using passive monitors Pinnock, Willard; Kahn, Rashidah; Richards, Mark
3202 Computer simulations of collisions as lab exercise in introductory chemical thermodynamics Pinnock, Willard R.; Lancashire, Robert J.
3203 Development and use of passive monitors for the assessment of air quality [Abstract only] Richards, Mark; Grant, Ian; Pinnock, Willard R.
3304 Indoor levels of NO2 measured using passive monitors [Abstract only] Singh, Raywattie; Pinnock, Willard R.
1565 Preliminary investigation of strength development in Jamaican red mud composites Pinnock, Willard, R.; Gordon , J.; Moore, M.
3201 Radon levels and related doses in prototype Jamaican house constructed with bauxite waste blocks Pinnock, Willard R.
4245 Red mud utilization as component of construction material [Abstract] Wilson, Kenesha S.; Pinnock, Willard R.
4079 Sustainable air pollution monitoring over Kingston Pinnock, Willard R.; Richards, Mark; Kahn, Rashida
1567 Use of passive monitors to measure atmospheric nitrogen dioxide levels Pinnock, Willard, R.; Singh, Raywattie
4080 Utilization of bauxite process-waste as building material Pinnock, Willard R.

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