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21 Titles Listed for the author selected: Pottinger, Audrey M Processed on 10/21/2020
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21 Titles Listed for the author selected: Pottinger, Audrey M
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1901 Dying and death Pottinger, Audrey M.
6220 A climate of punishment in Jamaican classrooms: Attitudes, beliefs and use of disciplinary practices by educators Pottinger, Audrey M.; Nelson, K
1808 Autism in Jamaica Pottinger, Audrey M
1893 Basic psychosocial needs of children with HIV/AIDS Pottinger, Audrey M.
4697 Children's Experience of Loss by Parental Migration in Inner-city Jamaica Pottinger, Audrey M.
1762 Children's response to hospitalization at the University Hospital of the West Indies Pottinger, Audrey M.; Ehikhametalor, K. O.
7613 Counselling framework for Caribbean children and families who have experienced migratory separation and reunion. Pottinger, Audrey M.; Gordon Stair, Angela; Williams Brown, Sharon
4585 Disrupted Caregiving Relationships and Emotional Well Being in School Age Children Living in Inner City Communities Pottinger, Audrey M.
4619 Gender Differences in Coping Responses and Beliefs about Infertility Between Afro-Caribbean Men and Women Undergoing in Vitro Fertilization [Abstract] Pottinger, Audrey M.; Mckenzie, Colin A.; Frederick, Joseph.; DaCosta, Vernon E.; Wynter, Shaun H.; Everett, D.; Walters, Y.
6223 Gender differences in coping with infertility among couples undergoing counselling for In Vitro Fertilization treatment Pottinger, Audrey M. ; McKenzie, C. ; Frederick, Joseph ; DaCosta, V. ; Wynter, S. ; Everett, D. ; Walters, Y.
2283 HIV/AIDS in women, infants, children and adolescents in Jamaica: A further 'call to action' Christie, Celia D.; Bain, Brendan C.; Pierre, Russell B.; Smikle, Monica ; Evans-Gilbert, Tracy ; Frederick, Joseph; Mullings, Anthony M.; Rattray, Carole A.; Pottinger, Audrey M.
995496 International Counseling Research: A focus on its present and projecting its future Lee, C; Pottinger, Audrey M; Zalkalne, E
7526 Jamaica Pottinger, Audrey M.
995609 Male attitude toward masturbating: an impediment to infertility evaluation and sperm parameters Pottinger, Audrey M; Carrol, Kamali; Mason, Gillian
4483 Motivation for and Concerns About Entering a Medical Programme Wierenga, Andrea M.; Branday, Joseph M. ; Simeon, D. T. ; Pottinger, Audrey M. ; Brathwaite, B.
1771 Motivation for and concerns about entering a medical programme: A Caribbean perspective [abstract] Wierenga, R.A.; Branday, Joseph M.; Braithwaite, B; Simeon, Donald T.; Pottinger, Audrey M.
1895 Preparing children for hospitalisation Pottinger, Audrey M.
995469 Stressful events and coping with infertility: factors determining pregnancy outcome among IVF couples in Jamaica Pottinger, Audrey M; Nelson, K; McKenzie, Claudette
4663 Suicidal Behaviour and Risk Factors in Children and Adolescents in Jamaica Pottinger, Audrey M.; Milbourn, P.; Leiba, J.
8222 The application of traditional psychotherapy models in the Caribbean. Johnson, R.; Weller, Peter; Brown, S.; Pottinger, Audrey M.
7449 Unrecognised attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in university students: Is there need for public health concern? Pottinger, Audrey M.; La Hee, Franklyn A.; Asmus, K.

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