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7 Titles Listed for the author selected: Rao, Lila Processed on 11/27/2020
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7 Titles Listed for the author selected: Rao, Lila
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993431 A Journey through the History of Information Systems in Jamaica and Perspectives on Future Developments in the Field. Bailey, Arlene N; Chevers, Delroy A.; Donaldson, O.; Duggan, Evan W.; McNaughton, Maurice L.; Mansingh, Gunjan; Rao, Lila
993179 An Ontology of Controversial Terms at the Core of the Systems Life Cycle Rao, Lila.; Mansingh, Gunjan.; Duggan, Evan
4210 Determining the User Characteristics for the Choice of Internet Banking Mansingh, Gunjan; Rao, Lila
3308 STIRDAT: A system tightly integrating relational databases and a theorem prover Rao, Lila; Reichgelt, Han
6774 Towards an ontology based metadata warehouse: Knowledge sharing and collaborative engineering Rao, Lila; Mansingh Gunjan; Osei-Bryson,K.M.
6775 Towards an ontology in the domain of information systems delivery and evolution Rao, Lila; Mansingh, Gunjan; Duggan E.
6776 Understanding individual preference for online service channels: The case on Internet banking Mills A.; Mansingh, Gunjan ; Rao, Lila

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