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12 Titles Listed for the author selected: Reynolds, W.F Processed on 11/27/2020
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12 Titles Listed for the author selected: Reynolds, W.F
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6787 Bioconversion of Stemodia maritima diterpenes and derivatives by Cunninghamella echinulata var. elegans and Phanerochaete chrysosporium Lamm, A.S; Reynolds, W.F; Reese, Paul .B
993413 Entrapment of mycelial fragments in calcium alginate: A general technique for the use of immobilized filamentous fungi in biocatalysis Peart, Patrice C.; Chen, A.R.M.; Reynolds, W.F.; Reese, Paul B.
993514 Hydroxylation of steriods by Fusarium oxysporum,Exophiala jeanselmei and Ceratocystis paradoxa Peart, P.C; McCook, K.P; Russell, F.A.; Reynolds, W.F.; Reese,Paul B.
6273 Microbial transformation of cadina-4, 10(15)-dien-3-one, aromadendr-1(10)-en-9-one and methyl ursolate by Mucor plumbeus ATCC 4740 Collins, D.O. ; Ruddock, P.L.D. ; Chiverton de Grasse, J. ; Reynolds, W.F. ; Reese, Paul B
993156 Novel stemodin - derived analogues with lipid peroxidation, cyclooxygenase enzymes and human tumour cell proliferation inhibitory activities. Russell, F.A.; Mulabagal, V; Thompson, D.R.; Singh-Wilmot, Marvadeen .A.; Reynolds, W.F.; Nair, M.G.; Langer,V; Reese, Paul B.
993088 Phytochemical Analysis of Salvia coccinea from Jamaican Populations Martin, G.D.A; Reynolds, W.F.; Reese, Paul B
7303 Quassinoids and a coumarin from Castela macrophylla (Simaroubaceae) Jacobs, Helen; Simpson, D.S; Reynolds, W.F
6274 Stemodane and stemarane diterpenoid hydroxylation by Mucor plumbers and Whetzelina sclerotiorum Chen, Avril R. ; Ruddock, P.L.D. ; Lamm, A.S. ; Reynolds, W.F. ; Reese, Paul B
7488 Steroid hydroxylation by Whetzelinia sclerotiorum, Phanerochaete chrysosporium and Mucor plumbeus Lamm, A.S; Chen, A.R.M; Reynolds, W.F; Reese, Paul .B
993484 The facile bioconversion of testosterone by alginate - immobilised filamentous fungi Peart, Patrice .C.; Reynolds, W.F.; Reese, Paul B.
995521 The generation of a steroid library using filamentous fungi immobilized in calcium alginate Peart, Patrice C.; Reynolds, W.F; Reese, Paul B.
993204 The potential of Cyathus africanus for transformation of terpene substrates. McCook, Kayanne P; Chen, A.R.M.; Reynolds, W.F.; Reese, Paul B.

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