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9 Titles Listed for the author selected: Richards, Glen Processed on 4/22/2018
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9 Titles Listed for the author selected: Richards, Glen
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3924 'Driber tan mi side': Creolisation and the labour process in St. Kitts-Nevis, 1810-1905 Richards, Glen L
993281 C.L.R. James on black self-determination in the United States and the Caribbean Richards, Glen
719 Friendly societies and labour organisation in the Leeward Islands, 1912-19 Richards, Glen
5460 Kamau Brathwaite and the creolisation of caribbean history Richards, Glen
6520 Kamau Brathwaite and the creolization of history in the anglophone Caribbean Richards, Glen
3732 Race, class and labour politics in colonial Jamaica, 1990-1934 Richards, Glen L.
3923 Race, labour and politics in Jamaica and St. Kitts, 1909-1940: A comparative survey of the roles of the National Club of Jamaica and the Workers League of St. Kitts Richards, Glen L.
5442 Race, Labour and the colonial state in St. Kitts-Nevis, 1897- 1922 Richards, Glen
419 The pursuit of 'higher wages' and 'perfect personal freedom': St. Kitts-Nevis 1836-1956 Richards, Glen

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