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3 Titles Listed for the author selected: Roberts, S Processed on 8/13/2020
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3 Titles Listed for the author selected: Roberts, S
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4772 Application of stable isotopic techniques in the prevention of degenerative diseases like obesity and NIDDM in developing societies Shetty, Prakash; Iyengar, V.; Sawaya, A.; Diaz, E.; Ma, G.; Hernandez-Triana, M.; Forrester, Terrence E.; Valencia, M; Rush, E.; Adeyemo, Adebowale A.; Jahoor, Farook; Roberts, S.
2505 Considerations on the use of video playbacks as visual stimuli: The Lisbon workshop consesus Oliveira, R. F.; Rosenthal, G. G.; Schlupp, I.; McGregor, P.K.; Cuthlii, I. C.; Endler, J. A.; Fleishman, L. J.; Zeil, J.; Barata, E.; Burford, F.; Gonsalves, Dennis; Haley, Michael P.; Jakobsson, S.; Jennison, M. D.; Korner, K. E.; Linstrom, L; Peake, T.; Pilastro, A.; Pope, D. S.; Roberts, S. B.; Rowe, C.; Smith, J.; Waas, J. R.
6919 Doctor of medicine training Reflections on the UWI (Mona) experience Eldemire-Shearer, Denise; Roberts, S.

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