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19 Titles Listed for the author selected: Robinson, C Processed on 10/29/2020
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19 Titles Listed for the author selected: Robinson, C
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7637 Shelley-Robinson, Cherrell
994198 (Bio)chemical characteristics of organic matter in a guano concretion of Late Miocene or 1 Pliocene age from Manchester Parish in Jamaica Spence A.; Hanson, R. E.; Johnson, T.; Robinson, C.; Annells, R. N.
569 Approaches to researching children's reading interests Shelley-Robinson, Cherrell V
3669 Black like me: Ethnicity and the child reader Shelley-Robinson, Cherrell V.
7174 Children's Literature in the English-speaking Caribbean Shelley-Robinson, Cherrell
7728 Content, commerce and community: Challenges for Caribbean media in an environment of convergence. Robinson, Claude
3759 El libro para ninos y jovenes en el Caribe Ingles: Entrevista (Literature for children and young adults in the English-speaking Caribbean: An interview Shelley-Robinson, Cherrell V.
5503 Finding a place in the sun : The immigrant experience in Caribbean youth literature Shelley-Robinson, Cherrell V.
7636 Information literacy skills for social networking Shelley-Robinson, Cherrell
7635 Information literacy: Definition concept and process Shelley-Robinson, Cherrell
7634 Learning how to learn: Information literacy and the curriculum Shelley-Robinson, Cherrell
724 Love and sex in Rosa Guy's trilogy: The Friends, Rubyand Edith Jackson Shelley-Robinson, Cherrell V
3758 Priorities and strategies for the twenty-first century: The need for information literacy Shelley-Robinson, Cherrell V.
7729 Reform of defamation laws and the practice of journalism in the public interest. Robinson, Claude
6649 School libraries in the Caribbean: A Jamaican case study Shelley-Robinson, Cherrell
577 Sexism in children's literature Shelley-Robinson, Cherrell V
995066 Spectro-chemical analysis of the speciation of cadmium on montmorillonite in the presence of soil microbial biomass Spence, A.; Robinson, C.
3700 The Jamaica Library Association: School libraries section Shelley-Robinson, Cherrell V.; Anderson, Beatrice
3667 The voluntary reading interests of Jamaican sixth graders Shelley-Robinson, Cherrell V.

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