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37 Titles Listed for the author selected: Robinson, Edward
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188 Occurrence in Jamaica of the foraminiferal genus Halkyardia Heron-Allen and Earland 1919 Robinson, Edward
7970 A new record of the Paleocene larger foraminifer Ranikothalia catenula in the Wagwater Formation of eastern Jamaica. Robinson, Edward; Ramsook, Ryan
4134 A new species of omphalocyclus (foraminiferida) from the upper cretaceous of Jamaica and its stratigraphical significance Gunter, Gavin C.; Robinson, Edward; Mitchell, Simon F.
256 A note on Paleocene fossils from the white limestone in eastern Jamaica Robinson, Edward
3297 Biostratigraphic investigation of species of the larger foraminiferal species Cushania silvestri in eocene rocks, Jamaica [Abstract only] D'Aguilar, Georgette; Robinson, Edward
995945 Biostratigraphy of the White Limestone, Jamaica: data from strontium isotope studies Robinson, Edward; Payton, Adina
993321 Burlington and Jupiter landslides, Rio Grande valley: Comparison with Millbank landslide as examples of processes producing natural dams Robinson, Edward; Laughton, D.V.
3975 Carbonate beach sediment composition at a tourist beach, Negril, Jamaica Mitchell, Simon F.; Khan, Shakira A.; Maharaj, Ravidya; Robinson, Edward
4019 Changes along the coast of Vere, Jamaica, over the past two hundred years: Data from maps and photographs Robinson, Edward
167 Charles Alfred Matley: His links with mid -twentieth century geology in Jamaica Robinson, Edward
3294 Coastal erosion in southern Jamaica: An example from Clarendon parish [Abstract only] Robinson, Edward
245 Evolution of the foraminiferal genus Lepidocyclina in the Middle Eocene and its implications for Gulf Coast stratigraphy Robinson, Edward; Jiang, M.M.
259 Field guide to the geology of central Jamaica Mitchell, Simon F.; Miller, David, J.; Robinson, Edward; Porter, Anthony
258 Field guide to the geology of Eastern Jamaica Jackson, Trevor A.,; Draper, Grenville; Robinson, Edward; Fleugeman, Richard H.
241 Field guide to the Natural Bridge at Riversdale, Lluidas Vale, and the Eastern end of the Central Inlier, Jamaica Robinson, Edward
257 Foraminifera and biostratigraphy of the Bowden Shell Bed, Jamaica, West Indies Kohl, Barry; Robinson, Edward
242 Freemans Hall beds and Stettin Limestone Member, Chapelton Formation, Jamaica: A revision of Geological Sheets 8, 9 and 12 Robinson, Edward
133 Further Tertiary cephalopods from Jamaica Donovan, S.K.,; Portell, R.W.; Pickerill,R.K.; Robinson, Edward; Carter, B.D.
253 Jamaica Robinson, Edward
251 Jamaican Paleogene larger foraminifera Robinson, Edward; Wright, R.M.
3296 Jupiter landslide, Rio Grande Valley, Jamaica: A large prehistoric slide dam [Abstract only] Laughton, Dionne V.; Robinson, Edward
235 Landslide damage to the Boar River water supply pipeline, Bromley Hill, Jamaica: Case study of a landslide caused by Hurricane Gilbert (1988) Ahmad, Rafi; Earle, A.H.; Hugues, P.; Maharaj, Ravidya; Robinson, Edward
165 Larger foraminiferal assemblages from Oligocene platform carbonates, Jamaica: Tethyan or Caribbean? Robinson, Edward
4184 Larger foraminiferal associations in Eocene Limestones of the Caribbean D'Aguilar, Georgtette; Robinson, Edward; Stemann, Thomas A.
993022 Peat resources of Jamaica Robinson, Edward
7943 Size of shoreline boulders moved and emplaced by recent hurricanes, Jamaica. Robinson, Edward; Khan, Shakira; Rowe, Deborah; Coutou, Richard
3033 Some geological aspects of alternative medicine Robinson, Edward
187 Some imperforate larger foraminifera from the Paleogene of Jamaica and the Nicaragua Rise Robinson, Edward
6313 Some physical factors influencing adaptation to coastal changes Robinson, Edward; Kahn, Shakira
166 Stable isotopic evidence for relative and eustatic sea-level changes in Eocene to Oligocene carbonates, Baldwin County, Alabama: Discussion Robinson, Edward
244 The Burlington landslide, mouth of the Rio Grande, Jamaica: Example of an ancient slide dam? Robinson, Edward; Ahmad, Rafi; Phillip-Jordan, C.; Armstrong, M.
255 The Eocene larger foraminifer Lepidocyclina Ariana Cole and Ponton, from the so-called Polylepidina gardnerae horizon at Little Stave Creek, Alabama Robinson, Edward
2952 The larger foraminiferal genus, Cushmania silvestri, in eocene rocks, Jamaica D'Aguilar, Georgette; Robinson, Edward
176 The Netherlands and Venezuelan Antilles Jackson, Trevor A.; Robinson, Edward
4017 Upper paleogene larger foraminiferal succession on a tropical carbonate bank, Caribbean region Robinson, Edward
243 Using larger foraminifers in high resolution biostratigraphy: An example from the Eocene of the Gulf of Mexico and northern Caribbean Robinson, Edward
4186 Zoning the white limestone group of Jamaica using larger foraminiferal genera: A review and proposal Robinson, Edward

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