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21 Titles Listed for the author selected: Robinson, T Processed on 5/27/2018
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21 Titles Listed for the author selected: Robinson, T
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995349 “An Anatomy of Judging on Gender Equality and Gender Justice in the Caribbean” Robinson, Tracy
994247 “Principles of Gender Equality” Robinson, Tracy
995308 “Reading our Imperfect Constitutions as Poetry.” Robinson, Tracy
994046 “A Teach-In on the Sexual Offences Act 2009” Robinson, Tracy ,
995147 “Justice in the Gendered Society” Robinson, Tracy
995255 “Measurable Justice: The Contribution of the Caribbean Death Penalty Jurisprudence” Robinson, Tracy
995048 “No ‘Poor Thing’: The Right of Victims of Crime to the Protection of the Law” Robinson, Tracy
994202 “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Let the Conversation Begin” Robinson, Tracy
994487 “The Inter-American Jurisprudence on Violence Against Women” Robinson, Tracy.
994152 “Violence and Discrimination Against LGBTI Persons” Robinson, Tracy
993066 A Teach-In on the Sexual Offences Act 2009 Robinson, Tracy
993492 An Anatomy of judging on gender equality and gender justice in the Caribbean Robinson, Tracy
1885 HIV risk: Knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of street boys in Kingston, Jamaica [abstract] Robinson, T.; Bain, Brendan C.; Thompson, T.
993422 Justice in the gendered society Robinson, Tracy
993462 Measurable justice: The contribution of the Caribbean death penalty Jurisprudence Robinson, Tracy
993381 No ‘Poor thing’: The right of victims of crime to the protection of the law Robinson, Tracy
994228 Principles of gender equality Robinson, Tracy
993471 Reading our imperfect constitutions as poetry Robinson, Tracy
993117 Sexual harassment in the workplace: Let the conversation begin Robinson, Tracy
993214 The Inter-American jurisprudence on violence against women Robinson, Tracy
993097 Violence and discrimination Against LGBTI Persons Robinson, Tracy

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