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4 Titles Listed for the author selected: Rockhead, C Processed on 11/30/2020
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4 Titles Listed for the author selected: Rockhead, C
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2270 A case of severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome [abstract] Frederick, Joseph; DaCosta, Vernon E.; Wynter, Shaun H.; Rockhead, C.; Phillip, H.; Frederick, Clotelle E.; Aldis, G.; Williams, R.; McKenzie, Colin A.
4691 A comparison of two methods of labor induction with vaginal misoprostol Rockhead, C.; Fletcher, Horace M.; Reid, Marvin E.; Morgan, Owen St.C.
6935 Induction of labour with vaginal misoprostol: A comparison of 50ug twice daily (50bd) with 100ug used once daily (100od). Rockhead, C.; Fletcher, Horace; Morgan, Owen
2268 The inaugural in vitro fertilization cycle in Jamaica: An overview [abstract] Wynter, Shaun H.; Frederick, Joseph; DaCosta,Vernon E.; Phillip,H; Rockhead, C; Williams,R; Mckenzie, Colin A.; McCleod,Y

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