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18 Titles Listed for the author selected: Roye-Green, K
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6035 A peptide that shares similarity with bacterial antigens reverses thrombogenic properties of antiphospholipid antibodies in vivo Pierangeli, Silvia S.; Blank, Miri; Liu, Xiaowei; Espinola, Ricardo; Fridkin, Mati; Vega-Ostertag, Mariano; Roye-Green, Karen J.; Harris, E. Nigel; Shoenfeld, Yehuda
4679 Anticardiolipin, other antiphospholipid antibody tests and diagnosis of the antiphospholipid syndrome Smikle, Monica ; Wharfe, Gillian H.; Fletcher, Horace M.; Reid, Marvin E.; Roye-Green, Karen J.; Frederick, Joseph; Pierangeli, Silvia S.
995049 Antiphospholipid and other autoantibodies in a cohort of habitual aborters and healthy multiparous women in Jamaica Roye-Green, K.; Frederick, J.; Wharfe, G.; Choo-Kang, E.; DaCosta, V.; Fletcher, H; Smikle, M.
4741 Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Sickle Cell Disease [Abstract] Cummings, V.; Ali, Susanna; Forrester, Terrence E.; Roye-Green, Karen J.; Reid, Marvin E
6411 Asymptomatic bacteriuria in sickle cell disease: a cross-sectional study Cumming, V. ; Ali, S. ; Forrester, T. ; Roye-Green, K. ; Reid, M.
4432 Dramatic increase of Cryptococcus neoformans meningitis at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Jamaica in recent years. Comparison with the incidence in pre-AIDS era. [Abstract] Bodonaik, Nabin C.; Moonah, S.; Nicholson, Alison M.; Roye-Green, Karen J.; Jackson-Betty, Sandra; Saunders, Geoffrey; Sue-Ho, Robert
7642 Epidemiological study of multidrug resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae by pulsed field gel electrophoresis at the University Hospital of the West Indies 2000-2004. Caribbean Health Research Council 53rd Annual Council and Scientific Meetings, April 2008, Paramaribo, Suriname Christian, Nicole; Roye-Green, Karen; Smikle, Monica
4449 Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Producing Organisms at the University Hospital of the West Indies Nicholson, Alison M. ; Gayle, P. ; Roye-Green, Karen J.
7643 Gentamicin susceptibiltiy and extended-spectrum beta-lactamase activity in Klebsiella pneumoniae and Escherichia coli at the University Hospital of The West Indies. 15th Annual Conference of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, November 2007, Kingston, Jamaica. Saunders, Geoffrey L.; Nicholson, Alison; Roye-Green, Karen; Bodonaik, Nabin C.
4430 HLA-DRB Alleles and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in Jamaicans Smikle, Monica .; Christian, Nicole; DeCeulaer, Karel; Barton, Everard N.; Roye-Green, Karen J.; Dowe, Gwendolyn; McFarlane-Anderson, Norma; Nicholson, G. D.
1993 HLA-DRB3*0101 is associated with Graves' disease in Jamaicans Smikle, Monica ; Wright-Pascoe, Rosemarie A.; Barton, Everard N. ; Morgan, Owen St.C.; Christian, Nicole; Dowe, Gwendolyn ; Roye-Green, Karen J.; Bailey, V. E.; James, Owen B.
6356 Microbial isolates from patients in an intensive care unit, and associated risk factors Tennant, I. ; Harding, H. ; Nelson, M. ; Roye-Green, K.
995548 Microbial Isolates in Diabetic Foot Lesions of Hopitalized Patients at the University Hospital of the West Indies Chin-Harty, LA; Walters, CA; Wright-Pascoe, RA; Martin, A; Roye-Green, K; Barton, EN; Boyne, Michaeal S
4425 Plasmid content of Extended Spectrum Betalactamase (ESBL) producing Eschericha coli [Abstract] Saunders, Geoffrey; Roye-Green, Karen J.; Bodonaik, Nabin C.; Smikle, Monica
2102 Plasmid content of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL) Escherichia coli [abstract] Saunders, Geoffrey ; Roye-Green, Karen J.; Bodonaik, Nabin C.; Smikle, Monica
6365 The incidence and antibiotic suspectibility patterns of bacterial and fungal isolates from blood, sputum and urine samples in the intensive care unit, UHWI Tennant, I.; Harding, Hyacinth E.; Nelson, M.; Roye-Green, K
2234 The medical management of diabetes mellitus with particular reference to the lower extremity: The Jamaican experience Wright-Pascoe, Rosemarie A.; Roye-Green, Karen J.; Bodonaik, Nabin C.
4469 Yields from Paired Blood Culture Bottles [Abstract] Saunders, Geoffrey; Nicholson, Alison M.; Roye-Green, Karen J.; Akpaka, P. E.; Bodonaik, Nabin C.; Jackson-Betty, Sandra; Smikle, Monica

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