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12 Titles Listed for the author selected: Smith, Matthew Processed on 12/3/2016
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12 Titles Listed for the author selected: Smith, Matthew
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7180 A party of exiles: The Haitian Progressive Party and Jamaica, 1900-1915. Smith, Matthew J.
6176 An Island among Islands' Haiti's strange relationship with the Caribbean community Smith, Matthew
7684 Bob Marley and America, black music and musicians: Conversations of the African Diaspora. Smith, Matthew J.
7008 CARICOM and the Politics of Crisis Management in Haiti 2004-2006 Smith, Matthew J.
7683 Diaspora: Exploring migrations in the Caribbean. Smith, Matthew J.
7077 Emperor, Exiles, and Intrigues: The Case of Nineteenth-century Haitian Heads of State in Jamaica Smith, Matthew J.
6861 Footprints on the sea: Reflections on the Haitian-Jamaican migratory circuit. Smith, Matthew J.
5398 History, Myth and meaning in Haiti's second revolution: Re-interpreting the revolutionary movement of 1946 Smith, Matthew
5399 These unfortunate exiles: Haitian migration to Jamaica Smith, Matthew
7314 Two Hundred Year Old Mountains: Issues and Themes in the Historiography of the Modern Francophone Caribbean Smith, Matthew J.
5120 Vive 1804! : The Haitian Revolution and the revolutionary generation of 1946 Smith, Matthew
5400 White, black and red all over; the United States and the Haitian general elections of 1956 Smith, Matthew

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