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24 Titles Listed for the author selected: Stemann, T Processed on 10/29/2020
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24 Titles Listed for the author selected: Stemann, T
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994847 ‘Caribbean reef recovery in the early Cenozoic mixed azooxanthellate and zooxanthellate faunas in the middle Eocene of Jamaica’ Stemann, T.A
994623 ‘Triphyllocoenia Orbigny’ Stemann, T.; Budd, A (2012) , 1849, p.7. In: Cairns, S. D., Baron-Szabo, R., Budd, A.F., Lathuilière, B., Roniewicz, E., Stolarski, J., and Johnson, K.G. (eds.), Corallosphere, world wide web site at
7945 A new rudist from the Santonian of Jamaica. Stemann, Thomas; Mitchell, Simon
995874 Assessing the occurrence of rapid sea-level oscillations during the Last Interglacial period in the Falmouth Formation of Jamaica Skrivanek, Alexandra; Dutton, Andrea; Stemann, Thomas
994644 Baroniceris Barta Calmus and Chevalier, 1980, p 200 Stemann, Thomas
3237 Coral communities in transition: A case study from the Jamaican fossil records [Abstract only] Stemann, Thomas A.
3133 Defining species boundaries in eocene oligopygoid echinoids; a case study from the Swanswick Formation, Jamaica [Abstract only] Rowe, Deborah-Ann C; Stemann, Thomas A
993051 Early Cenozoic Caribbean coral communities from the Middle Eocene Chapelton Formation of Jamaica Stemann, Thomas
995940 Evidence of Last Interglacial sea-level oscillations and recent tectonism in the Falmouth Formation of Jamaica Skrivanek, Alexandra; Dutton, Andrea; Stemann, Thomas
993938 Extinct and Extant Reef Corals on Neogene/Quaternary Reefs of Jamaica’ , Stemann, T.A.
995859 Field Trip 2: Selected geological sites in the parishes of western St Andrew and St Thomas Mitchell, Simon F; Stemann, Thomas A.
7822 Fossil crustacean of the Late Pleistocene Port Morant Formation, west Port Morant harbor, southeastern Jamaica. Stemann, Thomas; Collins, J.; Donovan, S.
4184 Larger foraminiferal associations in Eocene Limestones of the Caribbean D'Aguilar, Georgtette; Robinson, Edward; Stemann, Thomas A.
4137 Late maastrichtian rudist and coral assemblages from the central inlier, Jamaica: Towards an event stratigraphy for shallow-water Caribbean limestones Mitchell, Simon F.; Stemann, Thomas A.; Blissett, Donovan; Brown, Ian C.; Ebanks, Winston O'Brian; Gunter, Gavin C.; Miller, David J.; Pearson, Andrew G.; Wilson, Byron S.; Young, Winston A.
995929 Leaves from the sea: A flora from the Pliocene Bowden Formation of Jamaica Locatelli, Emma Rose; Briggs, Derek; Stemann, Thomas; Portell, Roger W; Means, Harley; Donovan, Stephen K.
995866 Micropaleontology of the White Limestone and Coastal Group near Innes Bay, Portland, Jamaica Parker, Stephanie; Stemann, Thomas
7966 Oldest scleractinian fauna from Jamaica (Hauterivian Benbow Inlier). Mitchell, Simon; Loser, H.; Stemann, Thomas
8028 Oldest scleractinian fauna from Jamaica (Hauterivian, Benbow Inlier). Stemann, Thomas; Loser, Hannes; Mitchell, Simon
4187 Reef corals of the White Limestone Group of Jamaica Stemann, Thomas A.
995931 Reef development in coarse clastic dominated facies in the Miocene through Pleistocene of south east Jamaica Stemann, Thomas
995868 Revisiting the Gatuncillo Formation: Eocene brain corals and the origin of the Recent Caribbean clade Mussidae Budd, Ann F; Stemann, Thomas
3129 The irish elkhorn coral; giant acropora and rates of disturbance on late pleistocene reefs in Jamaica [Abstract only] Stemann, Thomas A; Mitchell, Simon F.
3061 The port morant formation (upper pleistocene, jamaica); high resolution sedimentology and paleoenvironmental analysis of a mixed carbonate clastic lagoonal succession Mitchell, Simon F.; Pickerill, Ron K.; Stemann, Thomas A.
993351 Transported coral associations in the Upper Bathyal Bowden Formation, Late Pliocene, Jamaica Stemann, Thomas

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