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57 Titles Listed for the author selected: Taylor, M
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995850 Eitzinger, Anton; Rhiney, Kevon; Farrell, Aiden; Carmona, Stephania; van Loosen, Irene; Taylor, Michael
993776 Assessing drought tolerance in rain-fed and irrigated crop production - the case of sweet potatoes, Ipomoea batatas. Rankine, D.R.; Taylor, M.A; Cohen, J.E.; Simpson,L.A; Lawrence, J ; Murray, A .
994051 Improving yield estimation in a changing climate for root and tuber crops: the case of sweet potatoes, Ipomoea batatas Rankine, D.R.; Cohen,J.E.; Taylor, M.A.; Simpson,L.A; Lawrence, J.L ; Murray, A
994300 [Regional Climates] Caribbean [in State of the Climate in 2011] Taylor, M. A.; Stephenson,T; Trotman, A; Spence, J; Martínez-Sánchez, O; Votaw,G; González-García, I; Pérez-Suárez, R; Lapinel-Pedroso, B; León-Lee, A; Boudet-Rouco, D; González-Rodríguez, N
993656 ‘Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security Study of the Caribbean’ Taylor, M; Kirton, C..; Rhiney, K.; Rankine, D.; Sutherland, R
994311 A Review of Observed and Projected Changes in Climate for the Islands in the Caribbean Karmalkar, A. V.; Taylor, M. A.; Campbell, J.; Stephenson, T.; New, M.; Centella, A.; Benzanilla, A.; Charlery, J.
8182 A Stitch in Time: General Lessons from Specific Cases. A Sysnthesis of Adaptation Findings from the AIACC Programme. Leary, Neil; Burton, Ian; Adejuwon, James; Barros, Vicente; Batimaa, Punsalmaa; Biagini, Bonizella; Chinvanno, Suppakorn; Cruz, Rex; Dabi, Daniel; de Comarmond, Alain; Dougherty, Bill; Dube, Pauline; Githeko, Andrew; Abou Hadid, Ayman; Hellmuth, Molly; Kangalawe, Richard; Kulkarni, Jyoti; Kumar, Mahendra; Lasco, Rodel; Mataki, Melchior; Medany, Mahmoud; Mohsen, Mansour; Nagy, Gustavo; Njie, Momodou; Nkomo, Jabavu; Nyong, Anthony; Osman, Balgis; Sanjak, Elamin; Seiler, Roberto; Taylor, Michael A.; Travasso, Maria; von Maltitz, Graham; Wandiga, Shem; Wehbe, Monica
8181 Adapting to dengue risk – what to do? Taylor, Michael A.; Chen, Abraham A.; Rawlins, Samuel; Heslop-Thomas, Charmaine; Amarakoon, Dharmaratne; Bailey, Wilma; Chadee, Dave; Huntley, Sherine; Rhoden, Cassandra; Stennett, Roxanne
7534 Adapting to Dengue Risk: What to do? Taylor, Michael A.; Chen, Abraham .A; Rawlins, S; Heslop-Thomas, C; Amarakoon, A; Bailey, W; Chadee, D; Huntley, S
8046 Caribbean climate scenarios for the Caribbean: Limitations and needs for biodiversity studies. Chen, Abraham A.; Taylor, Michael A.; Farrell, David; Centella, Abel; Walling, Leslie
8045 Climate Change – the Science. Taylor, Michael A.
995310 Climate Change and Caribbean Science Stephenson, T. S.; Taylor, M. A.; Chen, A.A
995273 Climate Change and the Caribbean: Review and Response Taylor, M. A.; Stephenson, T. S.; Chen, A. A.; Stephenson, K.
7960 Climate Change Modeling in Jamaica. Taylor, Michael A.
7189 Climate of Central America and the Caribbean Taylor, Michael A.; Alfaro, Eric J.
7807 Dengue epidemics in the Caribbean-temperature indices to gauge the potential for onset of dengue. Amarakoon, Dharmaratne M; Chen, Abraham A.; Rawlins, Samuel; Chadee, Dave; Taylor, Michael A.; Stennett, Roxanne
7799 Detecting inhomogeneities in Caribbean and adjacent Caribbean temperature data using sea surface temperatures. Stephenson, Tannecia; Goodess, C. M.; Haylock, M. R.; Chen, Abraham A.; Taylor, Michael A.
3986 Developing a Caribbean climate interactive database [Abstract] Crosbourne, Rainaldo F.; Amarakoon, Dharmaratne M.; Taylor, Michael A.
3980 Developing statistical models for predicting rainfall in the Caribbean [Abstract] Ashby, Soyini A.; Taylor, Michael A.
5221 Ecology of the English language classroom Taylor, Monica
3665 English in the English-Speaking Caribbean: Questions in the Academy Taylor, Monica
385 English language teaching and class size variable: How large is too large? Taylor, Monica
4178 Examining the effect of concurrent sea surface temperature anomalies on Caribbean rainfall Spence, Jacqueline M.; Taylor, Michael A.
7356 Features of the Caribbean Low Level Jet Whyte, F.S; Taylor, Michael.A; Stephenson, Tannecia .S; Campbell, J.D
994214 Future Climate of the Caribbean from a super-high resolution atmospheric general circulation model Hall, T. C.; Sealy, A. M.; Stephenson, T. S.; Kusunoki, S.; Taylor, M. A.; Chen, A. A.; Kitoh. A.
6827 Global observed changes in daily climate extremes of temperature and precipitation Alexander, L.V; Zhang, X; Peterson, T.C; Caesar, J; Gleason, B; Tank, A.K; Haylock, M; Collins, D; Trewin, B; Rahimzadeh, F; Tagipour, A; Ambenje, P; Kumar, K.R; Revadekar, J; Griffiths, G; Vincent, L; Stephenson, D; Burn, J; Aguilar, E; Brunet, M; Taylor, M.A; New, M; Zhai, P; Rusticucci, M; Vazquez-Aguirre, J.L
7954 ICT in Climate Change Research. Campbell, Jayaka D; Taylor, Michael A.
994370 ICTs and the Environment Taylor, M. A.; Williams, R.
995640 Increasing the Accuracy and Automation of Fractional Vegetation Cover Estimation from Digital Photographs Coy, Andre D; Rankine, Dale R; Taylor, Micheal A.; Nielsen, David C; Cohen, Jane E.
995067 Influence of Climate Variability on Human Leptospirosis Cases in Jamaica Bachelor, T.; Stephenson, T. S.; Brown, P.; Amarakoon, D.; Taylor, M. A.
995854 Inside Story: climate change and flood risk – Challenges for Jamaican towns and communities Mandal, Arpita; Smith, David; Wilson, M; Taylor, Michael A; Nandi, A; Otuokon, S
7953 Investigating the Link Between Climate and Leptospirosis in the Caribbean Using Wavelet Analysis. Batchelor, T. W.; Amarakoon, Dharmaratne M.; Taylor, Michael A.; Stephenson, Tannecia S.
2929 Investigating the link between early season Caribbean rainfall and the El Niño+1 year Chen, Abraham Anthony; Taylor, Michael A
6484 Investigating the predictability of early and later season rainfall for Jamaica Stephenson,Tannecia S.; Taylor, Michael A.; Chen Anthony A.
8076 Jamaica: State of the Climate in 2007. Spence, J. M.; Taylor, Michael A.
7188 Monitoring Agricultural Drought in the West Indies Chen, Anthony; Falloon, Trevor; Taylor, Michael
5481 Pragmatic devoicing: Silence in the classroom even amidst the din Taylor, Monica
4026 Recent changes in climate extremes in the Caribbean region Peterson, T.C.; Taylor, Michael A.; Demeritte, R.; Duncombe, D.L.; Burton, S.; Thompson, F.; Porter, A.; Mercedes, M.; Villegas, E.; Memexant Fils, R.; Klein Tank, A.; Martis, A.; Warner, R.; Joyette, A.; Mills, W.; Alexander, L.; Gleason, B.
6271 Statistical models for predicting rainfall in the Caribbean Ashby, Soyini A. ; Taylor, M.A. ; Chen, Abraham Anthony
8122 The Climate Studies Group Mona. Stephenson, Tannecia; Chen, Abraham A.; Taylor, Michael A.
7959 The Climate Studies Group Mona: Exploring Caribbean Climate Science. Stephenson, Tannecia; Taylor, Michael A.; Chen, Abraham A.; Campbell, Jayaka; Watson, Rhodene
6272 The effect of concurrent sea surface temperature anomalies in the tropical Pacific and Atlantic on Caribbean rainfall Spence, J. ; Taylor, M.A. ; Chen, Abraham Anthony
8174 The effect of temperature and precipitation on Dengue-outbreaks in the Caribbean, using wavelet analysis. Batchelor, T.W.; Amarakoon, Dharmaratne M.; Taylor, Michael A.
4025 The influence of the tropical Atlantic vs. the tropical Pacific on Caribbean rainfall Taylor, Michael A.; Enfield, D.B.; Chen, Abraham Anthony
994458 The PRECIS Caribbean Story: Lessons and Legacies Taylor, M. A.; Centella, A.; Charlery, J.; Benzanilla, A.; Campbell, J.; Borrajero, I.; Stephenson, T.; Nurmohamed, R.
4042 The role of southwestern Caribbean in the formation of tropical storms in the Caribbean Basin Owino, Albert; Chen, Abraham Anthony; Taylor, Michael A.
8043 The use of climate models for the projections of future climate scenarios in the Caribbean: Experience of the Climate Studies Group Mona. Taylor, Michael A.
6801 Toward the development of prediction models for the primary Caribbean dry season Stephenson, Tannecia S; Chen, Abrraham.A; Taylor, Michael.A
995402 Tropical gradient influences on Caribbean rainfall Taylor, M. A.; Stephenson,T. S.; Owino, A; Chen,, A.A.A; Campbell, J. D.
5392 Using collateral material to improve writing performance Taylor, Monica
8173 Validating the PRECIS regional climate model for the Caribbean. Campbell, Jayaka D.; Taylor, Michael A.; Stephenson, Tannecia S.; Watson, Rhodene A.
7533 Vulnerability to Dengue Fever in Jamaica Heslop-Thomas, C; Bailey, W; Amarakoon, D; Chen, A; Rawlins, S; Chadee, D; Crosbourne, R; Owino, A; Polson, K; Rhoden, C; Stennett, R; Taylor, M.A
8180 Vulnerability to dengue fever in Jamaica. Heslop-Thomas, Charmaine; Bailey, Wilma; Amarakoon, Dharmaratne M.; Chen, Abraham A.; Rawlins, S.; Chadee, D.; , Rainaldo; Owino, A.; Polson, K.; Rhoden, C.; Stennett, R.; Taylor, Michael A.
5463 Walking a cultural tightrope in the classroom: Does affirming the home language imply 'ghettoizing the bilingual learner'? Taylor, Monica
4219 Warm oceans and year to year variations of Caribbean rainfall Taylor, Michael A.; Owino, Albert
6311 What to expect? Jamaica's future climate deduced from climate models Watson, Rhodene A.; Taylor, Michael; Campbell, Jayaka D.; Stephenson, Tannecia S.
994105 Why dry? Investigating the future evolution of the Caribbean Low Level Jet to explain projected Caribbean drying Taylor, M. A.; Whyte, F. S.; Stephenson, T. S; Campbell, J. D

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