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11 Titles Listed for the author selected: Taylor, Michael A Processed on 3/30/2015
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11 Titles Listed for the author selected: Taylor, Michael A
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7534 Adapting to Dengue Risk: What to do? Taylor, Michael A.; Chen, Abraham .A; Rawlins, S; Heslop-Thomas, C; Amarakoon, A; Bailey, W; Chadee, D; Huntley, S
7189 Climate of Central America and the Caribbean Taylor, Michael A.; Alfaro, Eric J.
3986 Developing a Caribbean climate interactive database [Abstract] Crosbourne, Rainaldo F.; Amarakoon, Dharmaratne M.; Taylor, Michael A.
3980 Developing statistical models for predicting rainfall in the Caribbean [Abstract] Ashby, Soyini A.; Taylor, Michael A.
4178 Examining the effect of concurrent sea surface temperature anomalies on Caribbean rainfall Spence, Jacqueline M.; Taylor, Michael A.
2929 Investigating the link between early season Caribbean rainfall and the El Niņo+1 year Chen, Abraham Anthony; Taylor, Michael A
6484 Investigating the predictability of early and later season rainfall for Jamaica Stephenson,Tannecia S.; Taylor, Michael A.; Chen Anthony A.
4026 Recent changes in climate extremes in the Caribbean region Peterson, T.C.; Taylor, Michael A.; Demeritte, R.; Duncombe, D.L.; Burton, S.; Thompson, F.; Porter, A.; Mercedes, M.; Villegas, E.; Memexant Fils, R.; Klein Tank, A.; Martis, A.; Warner, R.; Joyette, A.; Mills, W.; Alexander, L.; Gleason, B.
4025 The influence of the tropical Atlantic vs. the tropical Pacific on Caribbean rainfall Taylor, Michael A.; Enfield, D.B.; Chen, Abraham Anthony
4042 The role of southwestern Caribbean in the formation of tropical storms in the Caribbean Basin Owino, Albert; Chen, Abraham Anthony; Taylor, Michael A.
4219 Warm oceans and year to year variations of Caribbean rainfall Taylor, Michael A.; Owino, Albert

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