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18 Titles Listed for the author selected: Taylor, Orville W Processed on 10/24/2020
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18 Titles Listed for the author selected: Taylor, Orville W
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5932 A new militancy; dancehall music at the end of the millenium Taylor, Orville W.
5879 Cultural considerations for social workers in the Jamaican inner city: A sociological perspective Taylor, Orville W
2730 Cultural considerations for social workers: A sociological perspective Taylor, Orville W
2358 Freedom of association and collective bargaining in the Jamaican tourism industry Taylor, Orville W
5599 Globalization and the Caribbean Taylor, Orville W
5654 Governance, social protection and employment in CARICOM: Is labour missing? Taylor, Orville W
2775 Labour law, statutory arbitration and the termination of employment: Exercising rights rightly Davis, Clinton; Taylor, Orville W
5653 Not Posses, terrorists or snipers: The Jamaican success in South Florida Taylor, Orville W
5651 Re-Appropriating the stolen legacy: The African contribution to the origin of sociological thought Taylor, Orville W
5649 Rethinking and Searching our Blackness Taylor, Orville W
5757 The challenge of gender and the labour market after 30 years of CARICOM Taylor, Orville W
5672 The Jamaican Industrial Disputes Tribunal(IDT) In the 1990s and Beyond: Is There A Bias? Taylor, Orville W; Lennox, April A.
2301 The Jamaican labour relations and industrial disputes act (LRIDA): A critical assessment Taylor, Orville W
2490 The regulation of industrial conflict: A cross-country comparison of the systems of dispute resolution in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and St. Lucia Taylor, Orville W
5658 Tourism and Air Transport in the Caribbean Taylor, Orville W
5925 Tourism in Caribbean literature: From Guillen to Guttierez Taylor, Orville W
5904 Understanding the controversy surrounding the Grenada Labour Relations (Amendment) Bill 2001 Taylor, Orville W
5893 Worker protection and termination of the contract of employment in the CARICOM tourism sector Taylor, Orville W

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