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8 Titles Listed for the author selected: Tennant, David Processed on 10/26/2016
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8 Titles Listed for the author selected: Tennant, David
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5598 Tennant, David; Kirkpatrick, C.
6541 Are interest rate spreads in Jamaica too large?: Views from within the financial sector Tennant, David
5573 Assessing Credit Unions’ Performance in Facilitating Economic Growth: The Case of Jamaica (1986-2002) Tennant, David
5854 Crisis in Jamaica: Has the cost been excessive? Tennant, David; Kirkpatrick, C.
6513 Investigating the performace of Caribbean commercial banks in their mobilization and use of savings Tennant, David
6624 Macroeconomic and market determinants of banking sector interest rate spreads: Empirical evidence from low and middle income countries Tennant, David
5576 Nothing new under the sun: Some suggestions for a Caribbean Civil Society perspective on the Monterrey consensus Tennant, David
5882 Responding to financial crisis: The case of Jamaica Tennant, David; Kirkpatrick, C.

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