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13 Titles Listed for the author selected: Tennant, David Processed on 12/5/2016
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13 Titles Listed for the author selected: Tennant, David
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5598 Tennant, David; Kirkpatrick, C.
6541 Are interest rate spreads in Jamaica too large?: Views from within the financial sector Tennant, David
5573 Assessing Credit Unions’ Performance in Facilitating Economic Growth: The Case of Jamaica (1986-2002) Tennant, David
120 Can a Labour Market Intervention to Social Protection Pay for itself: A Cost Benefit Analysis of the Steps to Work Programme in Jamaica Tennant, David F.; Tennant, Sandria N.
5854 Crisis in Jamaica: Has the cost been excessive? Tennant, David; Kirkpatrick, C.
90 Determinants of Banks' Fees: An Empirical Investigation of Motivations, Proclivities and Opportunities Tennant, David; Sutherland, Richard
100 Determinants of Upgrades and Downgrades in Sovereign Debt Ratings Tennant, David
80 Determinants of Upgrades and Downgrades in Sovereign Dept Ratings: Are Poor Countries being undulty Disadvantaged by Standard and Poors? Tennant, David; Tracey, Marlon
110 Factors Impacting on Whether and How Businesses Respond to Early Warning Signs of Financial and Economic Turmoil: Jamaican Firms in the Global Crisis Tennant, David
6513 Investigating the performace of Caribbean commercial banks in their mobilization and use of savings Tennant, David
6624 Macroeconomic and market determinants of banking sector interest rate spreads: Empirical evidence from low and middle income countries Tennant, David
5576 Nothing new under the sun: Some suggestions for a Caribbean Civil Society perspective on the Monterrey consensus Tennant, David
5882 Responding to financial crisis: The case of Jamaica Tennant, David; Kirkpatrick, C.

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