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32 Titles Listed for the author selected: Thomas-Hope, E Processed on 10/29/2020
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32 Titles Listed for the author selected: Thomas-Hope, E
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4204 Poverty and irregular migration in the Caribbean Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M
7434 'No nook of ground secure from rash assault? Ecotourism, heritage tourism and the Jamaican Maroons' Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.
6259 Agro-diversity and the economic cost of agro-chemical use among smallholder farmers in the Rio Grande valley, Jamaica Spence, B. ; Thomas-Hope, E
4207 Agrobiodiversity and agrochemical use by smallholders in Jamaica Spence, Balfour ; Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M
3165 Biodiversity within the agricultural diversity of small farming in the Rio Grande watershed, Jamaica Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.; Semple, Hugh M.; Spence, Balfour A.
6704 Caribbean agriculture in the new global environment Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth; Jardine-Comrie, Adonna
4208 Caribbean migration and the transnationalization of social capital Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M
7552 Challenges to promoting agro-biodiversity in Caribbean small-farming systems: a Jamaican case study Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.; Spence, Balfour
3166 Emigration dynamics in the Anglophone Caribbean Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.
3113 Globalization and the development of a Caribbean migration culture Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.
3168 Household structure, agrodiversity and agro-biodiversity on small farms in the Rio Grande Valley, Jamaica Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.; Semple, Hugh M.; Spence, Balfour A.
4152 Human trafficking and ‘illegal’ migration in the Caribbean Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M
4032 Inter-university co-operation in the field of integrated coastal zone management Acuna, Adolfo; Cervantes, Eduardo; Garland, Gerry; Gonzalez, Gaspar; Horna, Esteban; Monteiro Neto, Cassiano; Ratter, Beate; Ruiz, Bolivar; Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M
4203 Jamaica Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M; Spence, Balfour
3112 Managing nature as a resource Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.
6781 Maximizing migration: Caribbean return movements and the organization of transnational space Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.
4205 No Nook or Ground Secure from Rash Assault? Ecotourism, Heritage Tourism and the Jamaican Maroons Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M
7130 Population mobility and the survival of small farming in the Rio Grande Valley, Jamaica Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.; Spence, B
3170 Promoting agrobiodiversity under difficulties: The Jamaican-PLEC experience Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.; Spence, Balfour A.
4199 Race and migration in the Hispanic Caribbean: The reception of West Indians in Panama, Costa Rica and Cuba (1840-1940) Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M
4035 Resource valuation techniques in promoting the sustainable use of coastal resources: The case of Ocho Rios, Jamaica Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M
3116 Return migration to Jamaica and its development potential Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.
7474 Shifting location and negotiating place: Women in Caribbean intra-regional migration Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.
3120 Similarities and variations in the Pattern of Caribbean Migration Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.
4206 Taking more than giving back? Tourism and the sustainability of Caribbean small island developing states Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M
4103 The people land management and evironmental change project Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M
3171 The role of the environment in Caribbean economic development Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.
4118 Trafficking in the Caribbean and the human rights of migrants Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M
3115 Transnational Livelihoods and Identities in Return Migration to the Caribbean: The case of skilled returnees to Jamaica Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.
3169 Trends and patterns of Caribbean migration Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.
3167 Trends and patterns of migration to and from the Caribbean Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.
7129 Valuation of environmental resources for tourism in small island developing states: Implications for planning in Jamaica Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.; Jardine-Comrie

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