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11 Titles Listed for the author selected: Trotman, Helen L Processed on 10/29/2020
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11 Titles Listed for the author selected: Trotman, Helen L
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7473 Conjoined twins: Bioethics, medicine and the law Duncan, Newton D.; Barnett, Alan; Trotman, Helen L; Ramphal, Paul S.; West, Wayne M.; Badal, Garfield H.; Christie, Celia D.
1944 Factors associated with poor outcome in Jamaican children with pneumococcal meningitis [abstract] Barton-Forbes, Michelle ; McGregor, D.; Trotman, Helen L.
6157 Hypernatraemic dehydration in exclusively breastfed infants: a potentially fatal complication Trotman, Helen L.; Antoine, Mathias ; Barton, M.
6156 Hypernatraemic dehydration in Jamaican breastfed neonates: a 12-year review in a baby-friendly hospital Trotman, Helen L. ; Lord, C. ; Barton, M. ; Antoine, Mathias
4374 Knowledge, Perception and Practice of Healthcare Professionals Toward Pain in Neonates at Tertiary Level Hospitals in Kingston, Jamaica [Abstract] Young, J.; Barton-Forbes, Michelle; Richards-Dawson, M. A.; Trotman, Helen L.
1494 Management of sickle cell disease in the Caribbean Serjeant, Graham R.; Trotman, Helen L
2673 Mortality of very-low-birth-weight infants in Jamaica Olugbuyi, O. ; Samms-Vaughan, M. ; Trotman, Helen L.
6170 Neonatal sepsis in Jamaican neonates [Abstract] Bell, Y. ; Barton, M. ; Thame, M.M. ; Nicholson, A. ; Trotman, Helen L.
6231 Neonatal sepsis in very low birthweight infants at the University Hospital of the West indies Trotman, Helen L. ; Bell, Y.
6169 Predictors of poor outcome in neonates with bacterial sepsis admitted to the University Hospital of the West Indies Trotman, Helen L. ; Bell, Y. ; Thame, Minerva M. ; Nicholson, A.; Barton, M.
6168 The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the University of the West Indies: The first years experience Trotman, Helen L.

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