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8 Titles Listed for the author selected: Uche, Chukwudum Processed on 12/1/2020
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8 Titles Listed for the author selected: Uche, Chukwudum
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5650 A methodological framework for the study of impacty of HIV/AIDS on households in the Caribbean sub-region Uche, Chukwudum; Abdulkadri, Abdullahi O.
5957 Adolescent sexual behavior: a study of Nigerian villages Uche, Chukwudum; Vincent-Osaghae, Gloria
1209 Communication through names: A study of Igbo personal names concerning mortality: Implications for population policy Uche, Chukwudum
6340 Correlates of health status among the economically active population In Jamaica Bailey, Camesha; Uche, Chukwudum
5952 Determinant of fertility behaviour of Saramaka Maroons in Suriname Adams, Barbara U.; Uche, Chukwudum
2780 Health related behaviours of youth: Implications for national development Uche, Chukwudum; Norman, Lisa R
2332 Prevalence and determinants of sexually transmitted diseases: An analysis of young Jamaican males Norman, Lisa R. ; Uche, Chukwudum
1212 Sexual behaviour in Africa: Implications for reproductive health , pt.1 Uche, Chukwudum

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