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8 Titles Listed for the author selected: Veltkamp, C.J Processed on 6/18/2018
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8 Titles Listed for the author selected: Veltkamp, C.J
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222 Crinoid and ophiuroid ossicles from the Oligocene of Jamaica Dixon, H.L.; Donovan, S.K.; Veltkamp, C.J.
157 Crinoids from the upper Ashgill (Upper Ordovician) of Wales Donovan, S.K.; Veltkamp, C.J.
207 Crinoids, asteroids and ophiuroids in the Jamaican fossil record Donovan, S.K.,; Gordon, C.M.; Veltkamp, C.J.; Scott, A.D.
204 Functional morphologies of the columns of Upper Ordovician Xenocrinus and Dendrocrinus Donovan, S.K.,; Kallmeyer, J.W.; Veltkamp, C.J.
153 Jamaican Cretaceous crinoidea Donovan, S.K.,; Milsom, C.V.; Veltkamp, C.J.
131 Some echinoid plates from the Lower Eocene Richmond Formation of Jamaica Donovan, S. K.; Dixon, H.L.; Veltkamp, C.J.
993424 The micromorphic articulate brachiopod Gwynia from the Western Approaches, UK Harper, D.A.,; Donovan, S.K.; Veltkamp, C.J.
134 Unusual preservation of late Quaternary millipedes from Jamaica Donovan, S.K.; Veltkamp, C.J.

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