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2 Titles Listed for the author selected: Vesikari, T Processed on 10/20/2020
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2 Titles Listed for the author selected: Vesikari, T
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6848 Efficacy of a pentavalent rotavirus vaccine in reducing rotavirus-associated health care utilization across three regions (11 countries) Vesikari, T; Itzler, R; Matson, D; Santosham, M; Christie, Celia .D.; Coia, M.L; Cook, J.R; Koch, G; Heaton, P
7151 Safety and Efficacy of a Pentavalent HumanBovine (WC3) Reassortant Rotavirus Vaccine in preventing rotavirus gastroenteritis and associated healthcare contacts Vesikari, T; Matson, D.O; Dennehy, P; Van Damme, P; Santosham, M; Rodriquez, Z; Dallas, M.J; Heyse, J.F; Goveia, M.G; Black, S.B; Shinefield, H.R; Christie, Celia D.; Ylitalo, S; Itzler, R.F; Coia, M.L; Onorato, M.T; Adeyi, B.A; Marshall, G.S; Gothefors, L; Campens, D; Karvonen, A; Watt, J.P; O'Brien, K.L; DiNubile, M.J; Clark, H.F; Boslego, J.W; Offit, P.A; Heaton, P.M

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