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26 Titles Listed for the author selected: Webber, Mona Processed on 12/4/2020
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26 Titles Listed for the author selected: Webber, Mona
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995478 Trench, Camilo A.; Webber, Mona K; Gayle, Peter M; Thomas, S
995597 Webber, Mona K; Trench, Camilo A.; Small, Hugh A.
995487 Webber, Mona; Trench, Camilo; Small, Hugh
312 A survey of the solid waste pollution in the Kingston Harbour mangroves, near Port Royal, Jamaica Green, Sean O.; Webber, Mona, K.
4169 Abundance, biomass and production of ctenophores and medusae off Kingston, Jamaica Persad, Gale; Hopcroft, Russell R.; Webber, Mona K.; Roff, John C.
321 Annual biomass and production of the oceanic copepod community off Discovery Bay, Jamaica Webber, Mona, K.; Roff, J.C.
325 Annual structure of the copepod community and its associated pelagic environment off Discovery Bay, Jamaica Webber, Mona, K.; Roff, J.C.
324 Bacterivory by tropical copepod naupilii: Extent and possible significance Roff, J.C.,; Turner, J.T.; Webber, Mona, K.; Hopcroft, R.R.
3310 Can mangrove root communities indicate variations in water quality? Webber, Mona K.; Hoilett, Kisha
4168 Changes in water quality and plankton of Kingston Harbour, Jamaica, after 20 years of continued eutrophication Webber, Mona K.; Webber, Dale F.; Ranston, Emma R.; Dunbar, Francine N.; Simmonds, Rose-Marie A.
3331 Diving and marine ecology in the Department of Life Sciences Webber, Mona K.
3286 Individual zooplankton species show spatial distribution trends far better than total abundances [Abstract only] Dunbar, F. N.; Webber, Mona K.
4195 Mangrove forest structure under varying environmental conditions McDonald, Kerrine O.; Webber, Dale F.; Webber, Mona K.
4002 Mangrove lagoons, zooplankton, anthropogenic stress Webber, Mona K.
995516 Mangroves Webber, Mona K; Calumpong, H; Ferreira, B; Granek, E; Green, S; Ruwa, R; Soares, M
6191 Phytoplankton and Zooplankton as indicators of water quality in Discovery Bay Jamaica Webber, Mona K. ; Edwards-Myers, E. ; Campbell, C. ; Webber, Dale F
995607 Review of existing International, Regional and National biodiversity Monitoring and Evaluation Tools including those being used by entities involved in Protected Areas Management Webber, Mona K; Maddix, Gina-Marie
7583 Sponges of the Port Royal Mangrove Jackson, Celia; Webber, Mona
3255 Taxonomy and ecology of sponges in the Port Royal mangroves [Abstract only] Jackson, Celia; Webber, Mona K.; Steele, Russell D.
3238 Thalassia testudinum as a bio-indicator in Discovery Bay [Abstract only] Bramwell, N. A.; Webber, Mona K.
4163 The relative importance of meteorological events, tidal activity and bathymetry to circulation and mixing in Kingston Harbour, Jamaica Webber, Dale F.; Webber, Mona K.; Williams, Doreen D.
3163 The water quality of Kingston Harbour: Evaluating the use of the planktonic community and traditional water quality indices Webber, Dale, F.; Webber, Mona K.
3285 Zooplankton distribution in a pristine tropical embayment, Discovery Bay [Abstract only] Edwards, E. A.; Webber, Mona K.
4167 Zooplankton distribution in the eutrophic kingston Harbour, Jamaica Dunbar, Francine N.; Webber, Mona K.
319 Zooplankton distributions and community structure in an area of the south coast shelf of Jamaica Webber, Mona, K.,; Roff, J.C.; Chisholm, L.A.; Clarke, C.
313 Zooplankton growth rates: The influence of size and resources in tropical marine copepodites Hopcroft, R.R.; Roff, J.C.; Webber, Mona, K.; Witt, J.D.

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