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9 Titles Listed for the author selected: West, Manley E Processed on 11/27/2020
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9 Titles Listed for the author selected: West, Manley E
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1938 A preliminary study of the effects of some West Indian medicinal plants on blood sugar levels in the dog. Morrison, Errol Y.; West, Manley E.
4323 Investigation of the pharmacological activities of aqueous Alkaloidal Extract of Borreria Verticillata on the Cardiovascular and Uterine Systems Moodie-Henry, B.; West, Manley E.; Gossell-Williams, Maxine D.
2012 Isolation of a muscarinic alkaloid with ocular hypotensive action from Trophis racemosa Wynter-Adams, D. M.; Simon, Oswald R.; Gossell-Williams, Maxine D.; West, Manley E.
53 Streptozotocin alters pancreatic beta-cell responsiveness to glucose within six hours of injection into rats. West, Manley E; Simon, Oswald R; Morrison, Errol Y
1952 The effect of Bromelia pinguin extract on the pregnant rat uterus Matadial, Lennox; West, Manley E.; Gossell-Williams, Maxine D.; The, T. L.
7597 The past and present use of plants for medicines Gossell-Williams, Maxine D; Simon, Oswald R.; West, Manley E
1937 The potential use of Cannibis sativa in opthalmology Lockhart, A.B.; West, Manley E.; Lowe, Henry I.
1923 The treatment of glucoma using a non-psychoactive preparation of Cannibis sativa West, Manley E.; Lockhart, A.B.
1935 The use of certain cannibis derivatives (Canasol) in glaucoma West, Manley E.

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