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11 Titles Listed for the author selected: Wiggins-Grandison, M Processed on 11/24/2020
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11 Titles Listed for the author selected: Wiggins-Grandison, M
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994272 “Seismic hazard along the southern boundary of the Gˆonave microplate: block modelling of GPS velocities from Jamaica and nearby islands, northern Caribbean”. Benford,B; DeMets,C; Tikoff, B; Williams,P; Brown, L; Wiggins-Grandison, M
4839 Advances in Jamaican seismology Wiggins-Grandison, Margaret D.
4756 Crustal attenuation for Jamaica, West Indies Wiggins-Grandison, Margaret D. ; Havskov, Jens
4872 Crustal velocity model along the southern Cuban margin: Implications for the tectonic regime at an active plate boundary Moreno, Bladimir; Wiggins-Grandison, Margaret D.; Atakan, Kuvvet
7550 Deformation of Jamaica and motion of the Gonâve microplate from GPS and seismic data DeMets, Charles; Wiggins-Grandison, Margaret
4840 Enhanced earthquake risk of Kingston due to wavefield excitation in the Liguanea basin, Jamaica. [Abstract] Wiggins-Grandison, Margaret D.; Kebeasy, T.R.; Husebye, E.S.
6212 GPS measurements of slip rates Jamaican faults Wiggins-Grandison, Margaret D.; DeMets, Charles
2640 Preliminary results from the New Jamaica Seismograph network Wiggins-Grandison, Margaret, D
4743 Seismotectonics of Jamaica Wiggins-Grandison, Margaret D.; Atakan, Kuvvet
4744 Simultaneous inversion for local earthquake hyocentres, station corrections and 1-D velocity model of the Jamaican crust Wiggins-Grandison, Margaret D.
6937 Toward a better understanding of the Late Neogene strike-slip restraining bend in Jamaica: geodetic, geological, and seismic constraints Mann, P.; DeMets, C.; Wiggins-Grandison, Margaret

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