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58 Titles Listed for the author selected: Williams, L
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4955 Williams, Lincoln O.
994970 “How do Jamaica’s Untouched Youth View their Career Prospects and Life Skills?” Tindigarukayo, Jimmy; Saxon, T. F; Hull, D. M.; Fearon, D. D.; Williams, L. O.; Tindigarukayo, J.
6397 A critical review of the therapeutic potential of dibenzyl trisulphide isolated from Petiveria alliacea L (guinea hen weed, anamu) Williams, L. A. ; Rosner, H. ; Levy, H. G. ; Barton, E. N.
6954 A Critical review of the therapeutic potential of dibenzyl trisulphide isolated from petiveria alliacea L (Guinea hen weed, anamu) Williams, L.A.D.; Rosner, H.; Levy, H.G.; Barton, Everard N.
1572 A flavonol glycoside from Embelia schimperi leaves Arot, L.O.M.,; Williams, L.A.D.
8155 A new hyptadienic acid derivative from Hyptis verticillata with insecticidal activity. Biggs, Duanne A. C.; Porter, Roy B. R.; Reynolds, W. F.; Williams, Lawrence A. D.
1510 Acaricidal and insecticidal activities of cadina-4, 10 (15)-dien-3-one. Porter, Roy B.; Reese, Paul, B.; Williams, L. A. D.; Williams, David J.
2498 Adolescence and violence in Jamaica Williams, Lincoln O.
63 Adverse effects of extracts of Artocarpus altilis Park. and Azadirachta indica (A. Juss) on the reproductive physiology of adult female tick, Boophilus microplus (Canest. ) Williams, L.A.D.
88 An extract of the leaves of the breadfruit Artocarpus altilis (Parkinson) Fosberg exerts a negative inotropic effects on rat myocardium Young, R.E.; Williams, L.A.D.; Gardner, Michael; Fletcher, Cyril K.
1573 An insecticidal and acaricidal polysulphide metabolite from the roots of Petivera alliacea Johnson, Lyndon; Williams, L.A.D.; Roberts, Earle V.
7801 An Investigation of Potential Uses for Amphitoxin, A Pyridinium Alkaloid from the Jamaican Sponge, Amphimedon compressa. Thompson, M.; Gallimore, Winklet; A.; Townsend, M.; Chambers, N.; Williams, L.
52 Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibiting and anti-dipsogenic activities of Euphorbia hirta extracts. Williams, L. A.D; Gossell, M; Sajabi, A; Barton, Everard N.; Fleischhacker, R.
65 Antibacterial activity of five Labiatae oleoresin extracts Williams, L. A. D.; Hamilton, Michelle A. E.; Hosang, A
993208 Antifertility effects of aqueous and steroidal extracts of neem leaf (Azadirachta indica) in male wistar rats Parshad, Omkar; Gardner, Michael; Fletcher, Cyril K.; Williams, L.A.D.; The, T.L.
89 Antifertility effects of naturally occurring phenyl propanoid derivatives against Boophilus microplus (Canestrinii) Williams, L.A.D.; Simpson, G.I.; Jackson, Yvette, A.
993467 Antiproliferative activity and absolute configuration of zonaquinone acetate from the Jamaican alga Stypopodium zonale Penicooke, N.; Walford, K.; Badal, S.; Delgoda, Rupika T.; Williams, L.; Joseph-Nathan, P.; Gordillo-Roman, B.; Gallimore, Winklett A.
995320 Antiproliferative activity and absolute configuration of zonaquinone acetate from the Jamaican alga Stypopodium zonale Penicooke, N.; Walford, K.; Badal, S.; Delgoda, R.; Williams, L.; Joseph- Nathan, P.; Gordillo-Roman, B.; Gallimore, W.
86 Ascaris lumbricoides in the paranasal sinuses of a Jamaican adult. Naravane, A.; Lindo, John F; Williams, L. A. D; Gardner, Michael; Fletcher, Cyril K.
4095 Biological activity and chemical composition of the essential oil from Jamaican Hyptis verticillata Jacq. Facey, Petrea C.; Porter, Roy B..; Reese, Paul B.; Williams, L.A.D
68 Biology and biological action of the defensive secretion from a Jamaican millipede Williams, L.A.D.; Singh, P.D.A.; Caleb-Williams, L.S.
3018 Biotransformation of cadinane sesquiterpenes by Beauveria bassiana ATCC 7159 Buchanan, Greg O.; Williams, L.A. D.; Reese, Paul B.
992954 Caribbean social work education Maxwell, John A.; Williams, Lincoln O.; Ring, Karen; Cambridge, Innette
993185 Chemical composition and biological activity of the essential oil from Jamaican Cleome serrata McNeil, M.; Porter, Roy B.; Williams, L.
4237 Chemical composition and biological activity of the essential oil from Jamaican hyptis verticillata Jacq [Abstract] Facey, Petrea C.; Porter, Roy B.; Reese, Paul B.; Williams, L.A.D
8154 Chemical composition and insecticidal activity of the essential oils from Bursera hollickii (Britton) found in Jamaica. Junor, Grace-Ann; Porter, Roy B.; Yee, Trevor H.; Williams, Lawrence A.
3303 CLV- a defensive factor from the secretory trichomes of Cleome Viscosa with insecticidal activity [Abstract only] Williams, L. A.D.; Reid, Walton; Porter, Roy B.
6729 Collaboration and networking in distance learning: The experience of the university of the West Indies with the M.Sc. counselling programme by distance education Jackson, Elaine; Hamilton, Pansy; Meade, Joan; Williams, Lillith
2198 Constituents and phytotoxic effects of Pinus caribea L. Sawdust Lignin Lindo, Ruby L.; Williams, L.A.D.
6230 Ethnomedicine Williams, L. A. D.
7049 Extraction, Processing, and Storage Effects on Curcuminoids and Oleoresin Yields from Curcuma longa L. Grown in Jamaica Green, C.E; Hibbert, S.L; Bailey-Shaw, Y.A; Williams, L.A.D; Mitchell, Sylvia A.; Garraway, E
993128 Extracts from Blighia sapida (Koenig) produced neutropenia and thrombocytopenia in mice Gardner, Michael; Williams, L. A. D.; The, T.L.; Fletcher, Cyril K.; Singh, P. D. A.; Wharfe, Gillian H; Choo-Kang, Eric G.; Sawh, R. N.; Rickards, E.
7259 Home Alone Williams, Lincoln
6944 Immunological evidence supporting the use of extracts from boehmeria jamaicensis urb for treating the common cold and sinus infections Williams, L.A.D.; Igietseme, J.U.; Whittaker, J.A.; Smikle, Monica; Bailey-Shaw, Y.A.; Barton, Everard N
67 Immunomodulatory activities of Petiveria alliacea Williams, L.A.D.; The, T.L.; Gardner, Michael; Fletcher, Cyril K.; Naravane, A.; Gibbs, W. Nigel; Fleischhacker, R.
6396 In vitro anti-proliferation/cytotoxic activity of epingaione and its derivatives on the human SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma and TE-671 sarcoma cells Williams, L. A. ; Conrad, J. ; Vogler, B. ; Rosner, H. ; Porter, R. B. ; Setzer, W. ; Barton, E. N. ; Levy, H. G. ; Mika, S. ; Klaiber, I. ; Nkurunziza, J. P. ; Kraus, W.
1607 Insecticidal activity of synthetic 2-carboxylbenzfurans and their coumarin precurors Jackson, Yvette, A.,; Anderson, Mario; Williams, L.A.D.
2936 Insecticidal properties of Benzofuran-2-carboxylic acid derivatives Jackson, Yvette A.; Williams, Mark F.; Williams, L. A. D.; Morgan, Kisha; Redway, Flona A.
1615 Insecticidal properties of selected benzofuran-2-carboxylic acid derivatives Jackson, Yvette, A.,; Williams, Mark F.; Williams, L.A.D.; Morgan, K.
69 Insecticidally active sesquiterpene furan from Bonita daphnoides Williams, L.A.D.; Caleb-Williams, L.S.
328 Insecticidally active triterpene from Artocarpus altilis Park Williams, L.A.D.; Mansingh, Ajai
66 Mode of action studies of the acaricidal agent, epingaione Williams, L.A.D.; Gardner, Michael; Singh, P.D.A.; The, T.L.; Fletcher, Cyril K.; Caleb-Williams, L.S.; Kraus, W.
4997 Modernism, postmodernism and global standards setting Williams, Lincoln O.; Sewpaul, Vishanthie
3158 Neuropharmacological actions of some binuclear lanthanide(III) complexes Williams, L. A.D. ; Howell, Robertha C.; Young, Ronald E.; Kahwa, Ishenkumba A.
3020 New sketal sesquiterpenoids, caprariolides A-D, from Capraria biflora and their insecticidal activity Collins, Dwight O.; Gallimore, Winklet A.; Reynolds, William F.; Williams, L. A.D.; Reese, Paul B.
306 Pesticidal potential of tropical plants. II: Acaricidal activity of crude extracts of several Jamaican plants Mansingh, Ajai; Williams, L.A.D.
327 Pesticidal potentials of tropical plants I: Insecticidal activity in leaf extracts of sixty plants Williams, L.A.D.; Mansingh, Ajai
2439 Pesticide potential of tropical plants - VIII: Acute toxicity and inhibition of oogenesis in the ticks Boophilus Microplus Canst and Amblyomma Cajennense FAB. by the extracts of Azadirachta Indica A. Juss and Artocarpus Altilis Parks Mansingh, Ajai; Williams, L.A.D.
1523 Phenolic compounds from Embelia keniesis leaves Arot, L.O.M.,; Williams, L.A.D.
2541 Social work education in the West Indies with special reference to the programmes of the University of the West Indies Williams, Lincoln O.; Maxwell, John A.; Ring, Karen; Cambridge, Innette
3149 The Botany and domestication potential of Cionosicyoa pomiformis Griseb ('Duppy Pumkin') [Abstract only] Lewis, P. A.; Vaidya, Kisan R.; Jacobs, Helen M.; Williams, L.A.D.
6921 The in vitro anti-denaturation effects induced by natural products and non-steroidal compounds in heat treated (Immunogenic) bovine serum albumin is proposed as a screening assay for the detection of anti-inflammatory compounds, without the use of animals, in the early stages of the drug discovery process. Williams, L.A.D.; O'Connar, A.; Latore, Lyndon; Dennis, O.; Ringer, S.; Whittaker, J.A.; Conrad, J.; Vogler, B.; Rosner, H.; Kraus, W.
329 The insecticidal and acaricidal actions of compounds from Azadirachta indica (A.Juss.) and their use in tropical pest management Williams, L.A.D.; Mansingh, Ajai
64 The Neem plant (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) as possible sources for human antifungal agents. Williams, L.A.D.
5045 The Official Discourse on Youth in St. Kitts-Nevis Williams, Lincoln O.
62 Toxic effects of a non-polar extract of the leaves of Artocarpus altilis (Park. ) following sub-acute administration to rats Williams, L.A.D.; Fletcher, Cyril K.; Gardner, Michael; Singh, P.D. A.; Choo-Kang, Eric G.; Rickards, E.
4729 UNFPA/ASRH/VIP YOUTH: Training Curriculum Williams, Lillith; Jackson, Elaine
2542 Violence and youth in Jamaica: Paradise lost Williams, Lincoln O.

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