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12 Titles Listed for the author selected: Williams, L. A Processed on 10/29/2020
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12 Titles Listed for the author selected: Williams, L. A
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6397 A critical review of the therapeutic potential of dibenzyl trisulphide isolated from Petiveria alliacea L (guinea hen weed, anamu) Williams, L. A. ; Rosner, H. ; Levy, H. G. ; Barton, E. N.
1510 Acaricidal and insecticidal activities of cadina-4, 10 (15)-dien-3-one. Porter, Roy B.; Reese, Paul, B.; Williams, L. A. D.; Williams, David J.
52 Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibiting and anti-dipsogenic activities of Euphorbia hirta extracts. Williams, L. A.D; Gossell, M; Sajabi, A; Barton, Everard N.; Fleischhacker, R.
65 Antibacterial activity of five Labiatae oleoresin extracts Williams, L. A. D.; Hamilton, Michelle A. E.; Hosang, A
86 Ascaris lumbricoides in the paranasal sinuses of a Jamaican adult. Naravane, A.; Lindo, John F; Williams, L. A. D; Gardner, Michael; Fletcher, Cyril K.
3303 CLV- a defensive factor from the secretory trichomes of Cleome Viscosa with insecticidal activity [Abstract only] Williams, L. A.D.; Reid, Walton; Porter, Roy B.
6230 Ethnomedicine Williams, L. A. D.
993128 Extracts from Blighia sapida (Koenig) produced neutropenia and thrombocytopenia in mice Gardner, Michael; Williams, L. A. D.; The, T.L.; Fletcher, Cyril K.; Singh, P. D. A.; Wharfe, Gillian H; Choo-Kang, Eric G.; Sawh, R. N.; Rickards, E.
6396 In vitro anti-proliferation/cytotoxic activity of epingaione and its derivatives on the human SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma and TE-671 sarcoma cells Williams, L. A. ; Conrad, J. ; Vogler, B. ; Rosner, H. ; Porter, R. B. ; Setzer, W. ; Barton, E. N. ; Levy, H. G. ; Mika, S. ; Klaiber, I. ; Nkurunziza, J. P. ; Kraus, W.
2936 Insecticidal properties of Benzofuran-2-carboxylic acid derivatives Jackson, Yvette A.; Williams, Mark F.; Williams, L. A. D.; Morgan, Kisha; Redway, Flona A.
3158 Neuropharmacological actions of some binuclear lanthanide(III) complexes Williams, L. A.D. ; Howell, Robertha C.; Young, Ronald E.; Kahwa, Ishenkumba A.
3020 New sketal sesquiterpenoids, caprariolides A-D, from Capraria biflora and their insecticidal activity Collins, Dwight O.; Gallimore, Winklet A.; Reynolds, William F.; Williams, L. A.D.; Reese, Paul B.

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