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24 Titles Listed for the author selected: Williams, Nadia P Processed on 10/21/2020
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24 Titles Listed for the author selected: Williams, Nadia P
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6202 A Caribbean perspective on Barrett's oesophagus Williams, Nadia P.
7020 A Caribbean perspective on Barrett’s oesophagus Williams, Nadia P
7515 A review of gestational trophoblastic disease at the University Hospital of the West Indies during the years 2002-2005 and a comparison with the data for the years 1994-1998. Simms-Stewart, Donnette A.; Ennis, A..; Bambury, Ian G.; Williams, Nadia P.; Fletcher, Horace M.
923 Adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma in a renal transplant recipient: An opportunistic occurrence Williams, Nadia P.; Buchner, L. M.; Shah, Dipak J.; Williams, Winston
4508 An Unusual Presentation of Group B Streptococcal Sepsis Thame, Minerva M.; Franklin, L.; Young, J.; Hall, C.; Saunders, Geoffrey; Williams, Nadia P.
2156 Auditing early operative mortality in a Developing Country [abstract] Branday, Joseph M.; Carpenter, Reginald A.; Williams, Nadia P.
1707 Clinical, pathologic, and immunologic features of human T-lymphotrophic virus type I-associated infective dermatitis in children La Grenade, Lois; Manns, Angela; Fletcher, Valerie; Derm D.; Carberry, Christine; Hanchard, Barrie; Maloney, Elizabeth M.; Cranston, Beverley; Williams, Nadia P.; Wilks, Rainford J.; Kang, E.C.; Blattner, William A.
2127 Colonic lipomas at the University Hospital of the West Indies Mitchell, Derek I. G.; McDonald, Archibald H.; Williams, Nadia P.; Royes, Charles A.; Duncan, Newton D.; Hanchard, Barrie
2017 Concurrent mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma and adenocarcinoma of the stomach Blake, Garfield O.; Jaggon, Jacqueline R.; Williams, Nadia P.; Williams, Elaine E.; Royes, Charles A.
7447 Difference in cardiovascular disease risk profile and osteoporosis in Jamaican black women with surgical and natural menopause. Fletcher, Horace M.; Mitchell, Sharmaine Y.; Bennett, Franklyn I.; Simms-Stewart, Donnette A.; Scott, Paul W.; Reid, Marvin E.; Williams, Nadia P.; Wharfe, Gilian H.; Wilks, Rainford J.
2016 Diverticulitis of the vermiform appendix Blake, Garfield O.; Edmondson, Nadeen V.; Williams, Nadia P.; Newnham, Mark S.
4629 Gastrointestinal Carcinoids in Jamaica: 1966 - 2002 [Abstract] Gaskin, D.A.; Gaskin, Pamela S.; Williams, Nadia P.
1950 Hepatic abscesses at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica: A 24-year autopsy review [abstract] Gaskin, David A.; Bodonaik, Nabin C.; Williams, Nadia P.
4490 Hepatic Abscesses at the University Hospital of the West Indies. A 24-year Autopsy Review Gaskin, D. A. ; Bodonaik, Nabin C. ; Williams, Nadia P.
922 Hepatic cirrhosis in Jamaica Williams, Nadia P.; Lee, Michael G.; Hanchard, Barrie; Barrow, K. Orrin
2223 In situ squamous cell carcinoma of endometrium associated with long-term intrauterine device (Dalkon shield) usage Mitchell, Sharmaine Y.; Fletcher, Horace M.; Williams, Nadia P.; Coard, Kathleen C.
2112 Malignant lymphoma of gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue in Jamaica Williams, Nadia P.; Shirley, Suzanne E.; Williams, Elaine E.; Wharfe, Gillian H.; Hanchard, Barrie
994219 Mammary hamartoma: An under-recognized breast legion. Williams, Nadia P.; Williams, Elaine E.
1736 Multicentric angiofollicular lymph node hyperplasia in ulcerative colitis: A case report Browne, D.,; Barton, Everard N.; Barrow, K. Orrin; Williams, Nadia P.; Hanchard, Barrie
4388 Preliminary Results of a Study of Opportunistic Intestinal Parasitic Infections Among Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in Jamaica [Abstract] Barrett, D.M.; Nembhard, A.; Sue-Ho, Robert; Williams, Nadia P.; Eldemire-Shearer, Denise A.; Lindo, John F.
7791 Primary epithelial tumours of the appendix: a review of cases. Graham, Rondell P.; West, Kamille; Williams, Nadia P.
2126 Salivary gland lesions: A Jamaican perspective Williams, Nadia P.; Boyd, D.L.; Choy, L.; Hanchard, Barrie
4573 Smooth Muscle Tumours of the Vulva in Jamaica Williams, Nadia P. ; Williams, Elaine E. ; Fletcher, Horace M.
2189 Systemic phaeohyphomycosis in pregnancy and the puerperium Fletcher, Horace M.; Williams, Nadia P.; Nicholson, Alison M.; Rainford, Lois; Phillip, H.; East-Innis, Althea D

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