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13 Titles Listed for the author selected: Wilson, Byron S Processed on 12/1/2020
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13 Titles Listed for the author selected: Wilson, Byron S
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2953 A comparative study of the enteric parasitic fauna of the small indian mongoose, herpestes auropunctatus, from an area of human disturbance and an adjacent undisturbed area in St. Catherine, Jamaica [Abstract only] Daley, Lisa P.; Lewis, Delano; Vogel, Peter A.; Wilson, Byron S.; Robinson, Ralph D.
3317 A survey of the Herpetofauna of the Helshire Hills, Jamaica, including the rediscovery of the blue-tail galliwasp (Celestu duquesneyi Grant) Wilson, Byron S.; Vogel, Peter A.
995645 Assessing the Status of an Artisanal Shrimp Fishery in a Ramsar Wetland in Jamaica: The effects of Seasonality, Extreme La Niņa Episodes and Elevated Temperature on Landings. Limnologica Prospere, Kurt; McLaren, Kurt P.; Pienkowski, Thomas; Wilson, Byron S.
3978 Conservation of Jamaica's terrestrial fauna: endemic reptiles and amphibians Wilson, Byron S.
3260 Diet of the indian mangoose in a primary tropical dry forest [Abstract only] Lewis, Delano; Wilson, Byron S.; Vogel, Peter A.
4137 Late maastrichtian rudist and coral assemblages from the central inlier, Jamaica: Towards an event stratigraphy for shallow-water Caribbean limestones Mitchell, Simon F.; Stemann, Thomas A.; Blissett, Donovan; Brown, Ian C.; Ebanks, Winston O'Brian; Gunter, Gavin C.; Miller, David J.; Pearson, Andrew G.; Wilson, Byron S.; Young, Winston A.
3230 Mongoose predation on island fauna: an experimental test in a Jamaican dry forest [Abstract only] Wilson, Byron S.; Vogel, Peter A.
995525 Niche Modeling for Managementready Information in Little-studied, Threatened Frog Species Assemblages Holmes, Iris; McLaren, Kurt; P.; Wilson, Byron S
3329 Of boots, blisters and (NO) beer: Research in the Helshire Hills Wilson, Byron S.
4060 Preliminary review of the population structure of an exotic invasive carnivore, herpestes javanicus, in the West Indies [Abstract] Bennett, Chanda E.; DeSalle, Rob; Wilson, Byron S.
995504 Short-term Dynamics and the Effects of Biotic and Abiotic Factors on Plant Physiognomic Groups in a Hurricane-impacted Lower Montane Tropical Forest Luke, Denneko Y; McLaren, Kurt P; Wilson, Byron S
3261 Status of the Jamaican iguana: An assessment of a 10-year conservation program [Abstract only] Wilson, Byron S.; Vogel, Peter A.
995651 The Jamaican Iguana (Cyclura collei): A Report on 25 years of Conservation Effort Wilson, Byron S.; Grant, Tandora; van Veen, Rick; Hudson, R; D Fleuchaus, D; Robinson, O; Stephenson, Kimberley A.

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