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7 Titles Listed for the author selected: Wilson, M Processed on 11/30/2020
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7 Titles Listed for the author selected: Wilson, M
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1563 Biotransformation of some stemodane diterpenoids by Cephalosporium aphidicola Hanson, J.R.,; Reese, Paul, B.; Takahashi, J.A.; Wilson, Maureen R.
3231 Friedelane terpenes from Cola acuminata Wilson, Maureen R.; Reese, Paul B.
993393 Friedenlane Terpenes from Cola acuminata Wilson, M.R.; Reese, Paul B.
7605 Hematologic and biochemical changes associated with human T lymphotropic virus type 1 infection in Jamaica: A report from the population-based blood donors study. Chaturvedi, A.K.; Wilson, M; Sanders-Lewis, K.A.; Kathi, H.A.; Urquhart, Nicole; Walters, M.A.; Miley, W.; Cranston, B.; Hanchard, Barrie; Hisada, M.
995854 Inside Story: climate change and flood risk Challenges for Jamaican towns and communities Mandal, Arpita; Smith, David; Wilson, M; Taylor, Michael A; Nandi, A; Otuokon, S
8164 Sexual dysfunction in a diabetic woman: The lived experience. Wilson, M.; Bennett, Joanna; Green, Rosetta T.
3178 Steroid transformations with Fusarium oxysporum var. cubense and Colletotrichum musae Wilson, Maureen R.; Gallimore, Winklet A.; Reese, Paul B.

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