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34 Titles Listed for the author selected: Witter, Michael Processed on 10/20/2020
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34 Titles Listed for the author selected: Witter, Michael
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994624 Witter, Michael
994660 Witter, Michael
993658 Witter, Michael
994718 “Challenges of Copyright Collection in Jamaica” Witter, Michael
994781 “Growth Inducement Strategy: Historical continuities and Future Departures” Witter, Michael
993846 “Mainstreaming Climate Change in Caribbean Development Strategies” Witter, Michael
993882 “Social Impact of Climate Change” Witter, Michael
994009 “The Impact of Climate Change on Jamaican Agriculture” Witter, Michael
5772 Business challenges facing the Jamaican music industry Witter, Michael
1376 Caribbean development and the Caribbean people: The present as history Witter, Michael
5655 Choosing life for the Caribbean Sea, presentation at the Minister of Environment Awards Ceremony sponsored by the Ministry of Housing Land and the Environment, Government of Barbados Witter, Michael
6258 Civil Society Participation in Governance in Jamaica and Belize Witter, Michael
1218 Conference overview Witter, Michael
5789 Consensus and economic development in the Caribbean Witter, Michael
1229 Crisis, adjustment and social change: A case study of Jamaica Anderson, Patricia; Witter, Michael
2894 Economic policy and the Caribbean labour market Witter, Michael
994573 Electronic Social Welfare Payments: the Modality of the Mobile Phone Witter, Michael
995161 Estimating the Poverty Line Witter, Michael
994881 Financing Sustainable Development in Small Island Developing States Witter, Michael
993639 Kingston Harbour in Jamaican Economic Space Witter, Michael
993552 Managing Copyright in Jamaica: Building the relationship between JACAP and CCL Witter, Michael
5958 On debunking political myths Witter, Michael
6769 Perspectives of PATH benefeciaries on current and other payment methods Witter, Michael; Stewart,M.
5787 Post-colonial development in the Caribbean: Perspectives on culture, gender and economics Witter, Michael
993824 Post-Independence Economic Development Witter, Michael
5642 Prospects for Jamaica's economic development in the era of the FTAA Witter, Michael
993619 Some Reflections on 'Essays on The Theory of Plantation Economy: A historical and Institutional Approach to Caribbean Economic Development' by LLoyd Best and Kari Polanyi Levitt Witter, Michael
994161 The Health Sector as Contributor to the Recovery and Development of the Jamaican Economy Witter, Michael
993577 The Impact of Climate Change on the Agricultural Sector in Jamaica Witter, Michael
5884 The informal economy of Jamaica Witter, Michael.
994859 The Political Economy of Jamaica Witter, Michael
994539 The Poverty Line for Jamaica: An Update Witter, Michael; Gordon, Frederick; Morris, Hugh
6733 Trade liberalization: The Jamaican experience Witter, Michael
993647 UNDP-ADR: Assessment of Poverty Projects Witter, Michael

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