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19 Titles Listed for the author selected: Young, Lauriann E Processed on 8/11/2020
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19 Titles Listed for the author selected: Young, Lauriann E
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2187 Accumbens modulation of associative learning varies with the estrous cycle, combined estrogen and progesterone treatment and dopaminergic agonists [abstract] Young, Lauriann E.; Benjamin, L. C.
2181 Differential effects of estrogen and progesterone on mesolimbic dopaminergic modulation of avoidance behaviour: Implications for learning and stress [abstract] Benjamin, L.C.; Young, Lauriann E.
2175 Dopaminergic lesioning of the nucleus accumbens potentiates learned helplessness Benjamin, L.C.; Young, Lauriann E.; Young, Ronald E
4294 Effects of estrogen and testosterone on the rate of learning and extinction time in negative patterning discrimination in aged male rats Young, Lauriann E.; Palmer, K.O.; Young, Ronald E.
2179 Effects of hormone replacement therapy on mesolimbic extracellular fluid dopamine following foot-shock stress: An in vivo microdialysis study [abstract] Benjamin, L.C.; Young, Lauriann E.; Young, Ronald E.; Stewart, J.; Heshmat, R.; Rodagaros, D.
4293 Effects of neem as revealed by somatosensory evoked potentials and the elevated x maze Thaxter, K.A.; Young, Lauriann E.; Parshad, Omkar; Young, Ronald E.; Addae, J.
2184 Estrogen and progesterone differentially modulate nucleus accumbens dopamine: Genomic effects on avoidance learning and memory [abstract] Young, Lauriann E.; Benjamin, L. C.
1705 Ethics and law in the medical curriculum: A University of the West Indies perspective Wray, Samuel R.,; Parshad, Omkar; Young, Lauriann E.
2173 Gender and estrous cycle variations on avoidance learning: Effects of low dose amphetamine and cocaine Young, Lauriann E.; Benjamin, L. C.; Young, Ronald E.
2174 Learning dysfunction produced by mesolimbic deficits Young, Lauriann E.; Wray, Samuel R.
1927 Medicinal plants containing sedative activity with special reference to neem (Azadirachta indica, A Juss) Parshad, Omkar; Young, Lauriann E.; Young, Ronald E.
993231 Mesolimbic dopamine, estrogen and progesterone modulate avoidance learning and stress [abstract] Young, Lauriann E.; Benjamin, L.C.
2183 Pharmacological properties of Cannibis sativa in the behavioural demonstration of its hedonic effects: Implications for animal models of addiction [abstract] Chin-quee, K.P.; Young, Lauriann E.
1706 Progress in medical education in the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of the West Indies: Implementation of problem-based learning at the St. Augustine Campus. Melville, G. Norris; Wray, Samuel R.; Addae, Jonas I.; Young, Lauriann E.
2178 Role of the mesolimbic system in the mediation of negative reinforcement: Implications for sensorimotor dysfunction Young, Lauriann E.
2182 Stress marijuana and addiction in an animal model [abstract] Chin-quee, K.P.; Young, Lauriann E.
2228 Substance abuse risk factors: Some neuropsychological dimensions Wray, Samuel R.; Young, Lauriann E.; Weaver, Steve R.
4332 The Effect of Oestrogen on Discriminative Learning and Memory in Aged Male and Female Rats Palmer, K. O.; Young, Lauriann E.
2185 The effects of acute stress, amphetamine sensitization and dose response time on conditioned place preference to marijuana [abstract] Young, Lauriann E; Chin-Quee, K. P.

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