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6. Farming against the odds: global change and small-scale farmer vulnerability in the Caribbean Rhiney, Kevon C.       
7. The impacts of climate change on the coral reefs of the caribbean Creary, Marcia Chevannes 2008      
8. What to expect? Jamaica's future climate deduced from climate models Watson, Rhodene A.; Taylor, Michael; Campbell, Jayaka D.; Stephenson, Tannecia S.; Reeson, Peter; Rose, Don 2007      
9. Inside Story: climate change and flood risk Challenges for Jamaican towns and communities Mandal, Arpita; Smith, David; Wilson, M; Taylor, Michael A; Nandi, A; Otuokon, S CDKN (Climate Development and Knowledge Network) Inside Story. 2016       
10. Climate Change and the Caribbean: Review and Response Taylor, M. A.; Stephenson, T. S.; Chen, A. A.; Stephenson, K. Caribbean Studies . 2012      
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