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21. Against the Odds: An Examination of the Factors which Hinder the Completion of Secondary School by Children with Sickle Cell Disease in Jamaica Daley,Camille Alexa       
22. Strategic Planning for Children in Jamaica Henry-Lee, Aldrie; Heron, Taitu       
23. Interventions to Reduce Aggression among Young children: A Pilot Study Meeks Gardner, Julie; Powell, Christine; Lewis, Yewande; Thomas,Joan       
24. Day case paediatric surgery: An assessment of caregivers' knowledge, attitudes and experiences at the Bustamante Hospital for Children Burke, N.; James, B.; Harding, H.E.; Scarlett, M.D.; Younger, N.O. 2007      
25. Oral health status of 12-year-old children in northern St. Lucia [abstract] Alexander, Sonia; McCaw-Binns, Affette M. West Indian Medical Journal. 2001      
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