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1. Fate and transport of ethoprophos in the Jamaican environment Robinson, Dwight E.; Mansingh, Ajai; Dasgupta, Tara P Science of the Total Environment. 1999      
2. Freshwater thiarid snails as biological monitors of aluminum levels in the Rio Cobre River Shakes, S.; Lalor, Gerald C; Vutchkov, Mitko K.; Hyslop, Eric J. 2001      
3. Kingston Harbour, Jamaica: An overview Goodbody, Ivan Bulletin of Marine Science. 2003      
4. Pollution history of a tropical estuary revealed by combined hydrodynamic modelling and sediment geochemistry Andrews, J. E.; Greenaway, Anthony M.; Bigg, Grant R.; Webber, Dale F.; Dennis, P. F.; Guthrie, G. A. Journal of Marine Systems. 1999      
5. Characterization of sources of organic pollution to Kingston Harbour, the extent of their influence and some rehabilitation recommendations Webber, Dale F.; Kelly, Peter Wilson Bulletin of marine science. 2003      
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