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1. Mechanism of nitric oxide release. I. Two-electron reduction sodium nitroprusside by L-cysteine in aqueous solution Smith, James N. ; Dasgupta, Tara P Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms. 2002      
2. The effect of nitric oxide released from S-Nitrosogluathione on insulin and glucagon in dogs [Abstract] McGrowder, Donovan A.; Ragoobirsingh, Dalip; Dasgupta Tara P West Indian Medical Journal. 1999      
3. Mechanisms of nitric oxide release from nitrovasodilators in aqueous solution: Reaction of the nitroprusside ion ([Fe(CN)5NO]2-) with L- ascorbic acid Smith, James N. ; Dasgupta, Tara P Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry. 2001      
4. Nitric oxide agents impair insulin-mediated signal transduction in rat skeletal muscle Badal, S; Brown, Paul D; Ragoobirsingh, Dalip BMC Biochemistry. 2006      
5. Exogenous nitric oxide inhibits IRS-1 expression in rat hepatocytes and skeletal myocytes Badal, S; Brown, Paul D; Ragoobirsingh, Dalip Journal of Biomedical Sciences. 2006      
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